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A few days after entering ‘The House of Celebrities’, Aylin Mujica showed off her leg in tiny shorts

Everything seems to indicate that the soap opera villain, Aylin Mujicawill be one of the public’s favorites in the third season of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, since Less than a week after entering the reality show, it already causes a stir on social networks with each of its publications.

From her official profile on Instagram, the actress of soap operas such as “Aurora” and “Corazón Valiente” shared a photograph with which celebrated the countdown to start his participation in the popular Telemundo production.

However, it was her stunning figure clad in a tight-fitting blouse and tiny shorts outfit that became the star of the show. And it is that The famous woman showed off her shapely legs while posing very sure of herself from the garden of her home.

It wasn’t long before the image became the target of comments from her fans, who made it clear that they will support her throughout the competition. In addition, there was no shortage of those who dedicated one or another compliment:

“Can you be more beautiful?”, “How beautiful”, “Wonderfully beautiful”, “Always supporting you precious”, “You are going to win” and “Good attitude above all”, are some of the messages that are read on the network .

It was at the beginning of December in 2022 that Aylin Mujica confirmed to the public his participation in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’. Next to her, celebrities such as Arturo Carmona and Paty Navidad will compete; So far it is unknown who will be the rest of the celebrities that will make up the cast.

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