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A family runs out into the garden after a loud howl in the middle of the night

In Sebekapur, India, a Doberman was buried with great honor after he had sacrificed his life for his family.

The owners said it was the least they could do for him after the bravery the loyal animal had shown. He was a true hero.


The dog had only been living with the family for a few months. This is why his owners were doubly surprised when the dog faced off against four cobras that tried to sneak into the house.


As it happened in the middle of the night, they were unaware of the danger at first and were only awakened by the dog’s barking and whimpering.

It was when they went out on the porch to see why their dog was barking that they were shocked to see him from afar fighting the snakes.

Unfortunately, there was a large pool of blood at the scene of the fight.


In a daring way, the dog had faced the 4 snakes, and did not stop until they were all dead. However, a few minutes later, when they thought the danger was over, the animal collapsed on the ground, totally helpless and with countless bites. The cobra venom was taking effect, and it was too strong for him.


Its owner, Dibakar Raita said: “I was shocked that he risked his life for us, he will always remain in our memory!” His funeral was a great event and the whole town participated. Thanks to his incredible feat, this family survived what could have been a tragic outcome.


He had only known the family for a very short time, but he had really become one of the members, and he did not hesitate to defend them from the danger of the cobras. What a brave dog!

With stories as beautiful as this one, where the fidelity of dogs towards humans is shown, it doesn’t fit in my head how there are still people who mistreat them and then abandon them.

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