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A couple goes viral after being caught giving each other a ‘hug’ in public

The human brain has impressive capabilities. It allows us to memorize a large number of subjects, invent incredible machines such as planes or ships, build houses or know exactly how to save a person’s life.

Even so, there are things that the eye sees and the brain is not able to assimilate at first.

The optical illusions they always grab our attention and become great entertainment.

The truth is that we stayed for a long time looking at them to try to find out what it really is. Who has not ever seen this famous image? What do you see, a young woman or an older woman?

The voice of Galicia

The image that is revolutionizing the internet

A new optical illusion has captured all eyes on the internet. A few days ago a user of the social network imgur went up this photo of a couple hugging, which today has gone around the world. At first glance it looks like a normal photo, somewhat pixelated, of a loving hug on a beach.

Reddit/ Blood_Reaper - Imgur
Reddit/ Blood_Reaper – Imgur

However, if we enlarge it and see it in its entirety, a optical effect that makes the woman’s legs look like the man’s legs and the man’s become a shadow. Take a good look to see if you can figure out the mystery of this photo.

Reddit/ Blood Reaper - Imgur
Reddit/ Blood_Reaper – Imgur

The solution

It is very simple! The key is in the man’s swimsuitIt has a curious two-tone black and white print that makes us confuse the white part of the swimsuit with the women’s pants.


What at first was just any photo of the couple on the beach has become the image that is going around the world and already has more than five million views.

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