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a complete, healthy and cheap meal

Mafalda, the famous contestant, hates her. But the truth is, she does it so well! Discover 8 health benefits of soup.

A hot bowl of soup goes down especially well on a cold or rainy day, but benefits of soup are important throughout the year.

Contrary to what the character Mafalda, the brilliant creation of the recently deceased Argentinian artist Quino, thinks and says, soup is an essential food for you to feel good and fit.

So find out how this food can benefit you, as well as the whole family.

8 health benefits of soup


The soup is easy to digest

Cooked foods are, by definition, foods that are already in a pre-digestion phase. This means that, when cooked, the meal sits better in the stomach and is more easily digested by the body.

These are the main benefits of soup: nutrition and hydration. While ingesting a high amount of fluids, the body receives a high dose of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Soups are composed of water, lots of water, and this makes the body feel full more quickly. Studies indicate that soup can play an essential role in a weight loss diet. In general, it is important to bet on the consumption of dishes and foods that provide great satiety and, at the same time, have few calories – soup is one of the best options.

After eating a bowl of soup, metabolism can accelerate by up to 20%. This effect is known as thermogenesis and is very common during protein intake.

When you eat a warmer meal, the body needs to compensate for this increase in temperature and circulate the already warmed blood. For this reason, it is normal to feel a pleasant warmth in the body when eating a hot dish of soup. The feeling is even more pleasant when the weather is colder or when the body is fighting an illness.

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Do you know how many days the soup can last in the fridge?

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits of soup: the ease of preparation. Making a soup just requires thinking about the flavors of the foods together, cooking them and seasoning them. It’s not very difficult and allows for a huge variety of combinations.


Help introduce vegetables into children’s diets

If children resist eating the vegetable that are part of the main course, putting them in a soup can be the recipe for the success of healthier meals.


It’s a cheap meal

Eating healthier and more naturally is not expensive. It is possible to buy all the ingredients for a vegetable soup that feeds the whole family with the same amount you would spend to buy pizzas, for example. With the advantage that soup is a much more nutritious and profitable option.


Can be consumed by the whole family

Soups can be consumed by everyone, as they hardly contain the ingredients that are normally on the to-do list. prohibited or restricted for all ages. Because they are basically greens and vegetables, it is possible to make them in large quantities and please everyone.

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