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a classic always in fashion

Far beyond the controversies of celebrities, true fans of retro style do not give up Casio watches.

If you grew up in the 80s, chances are you remember the casio watches and how popular they were at the time. Some even had calculators. Although they have never truly ceased to be used, the truth is that they have returned to occupy prominent places in fashion and (re)know new moments of glory.

Nothing that Shakira finds funny, really. Did not understand? The newest wave generated by the celebrity divorce includes a song in which the Colombian diva compares her ex-husband Piqué’s new outfit to the watch brand considered “popular”, while joking that it fits more with luxury brands such as the Swiss Rolex.

Regardless of the controversies surrounding Shakira and Piqué, the truth is that Casio watches are timelessly regarded as true classics – and the reason is simple: more and more young people are appreciating style. retro, which rescue fashions from the past and take them back to the trend stage. Casio watches are no exception. Discover everything!

Casio watches: an icon that has crossed generations

Although there are several models of watches from the American company Casio (which was founded in 1946 and also manufactures calculators), the most classic is the one with the digital dial where you can not only see the time, but also the calendar, and the bracelet in metal (being, therefore, a unisex model that works “both for the boy and for the girl”).

Launched in 1975, it was an immediate success, marking the shift from analogue to digital displays. What was unknown at the time is that this would be an eternal clock that would cross generations. After all, how many parents, children and even grandchildren own a Casio watch?

And it is curious to think that it was also Casio that, in the 2000s, launched the first wristwatch with a built-in camera. Although today it seems something simple and easy to find, 19 years ago it was, in fact, a great innovation. By the way, innovation is precisely Casio’s hallmark.

So, whether you miss those times as a teenager when you bought your first Casio watch (go get it from the trunk right now), or whether you’re a fan of watches with a retro look, it’s really worth wearing on your wrist this summer. Is that Casio watches are a trend and there is no it girl and revivalist who resists them.

Below, we not only show you where to buy it, but also some suggestions on how to use it. Ready for a return to the past?

Casio Watches You’ll Wish You Had

Dreaming of a Casio? We leave you three options of watches that will make anyone’s head – all with color variations available on the site, so you can choose the one that best fits your style and day-to-day needs.


With a dial in gradient tones, available in more versions (also with a bracelet), this watch offers a stopwatch and alarm, and is water resistant – so you can keep it company even on rainy days.


mini Collection

The most classic model, which is a true throwback to the past – and which is why it is the vintage item to be desired for everyday use.



A classic, with a retro style, which is the updated and therefore contemporary version of the AQ-450 design – icon of the 80s.

With a vintage air, it oozes elegance. A hand display and an LCD, which combine digital and analog in a unique way.


Casio watches work beautifully when mixed with bracelets, especially if you want to create a more feminine and chic outfit. If you haven’t tried it yet, take advantage of the warm season when you walk around with your arms out, to use. And abuse.

If you can’t do without a wristwatch (even with the increasing use of smartphones for everything, including checking the time), but you like to wear it alone, know that a Casio with a vintage look couldn’t be a better choice. Versatile, it goes well with any outfit.

You know those bracelets made with thread that you buy at summer fairs? Take advantage of the warm season and wear them with your Casio in more relaxed or beach looks. It’s a fun combination and, at the same time, super cool.


With male coordinates

As we started by telling you, Casio watches are unisex. So, if you’re a man, use yours to go to work, dinner with your partner or a relaxed afternoon with friends. In addition to being charismatic, Casio watches are quite versatile, transitioning well from relaxed to more formal coordinates. Fantastic, right?

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