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a chip that yields more and consumes less • ENTER.CO

One of the announcements that most excited Apple fans at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 was the arrival of the M2 processor. The second-generation chip features 20 billion transistors and, with the inclusion of four new high-performance and four high-efficiency cores, is designed to improve response time while minimizing power consumption. The M2 is so fast and powerful that it will play multiple 4K and 8K streaming content simultaneously.

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According to the details delivered at WWDC 22, the five-nanometer processor is present in the new versions of the MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro and, compared to the M1, improves ‘performance’ by 18%. of its eight-core CPU and 25% in the GPU, which, this time, has 10 cores capable of achieving 3.6 TFLOPS of power.

But the differences with the first generation of chips do not end there, because while the M1 had 16 GB RAM, the new version of the processor supports the use of up to 24 GB, with a bandwidth of 100 GB per second: a 50% more than the M1 can offer.

The M2 also includes improvements to Artificial Intelligence-driven processes. That is why Apple announced that its new circuit has a Neural Engine, which is capable of processing 40% more operations than the M1 within a given time: a feature that, added to the graphical improvements, makes the M2 the ideal companion for those who are dedicated to the creation of audiovisual content.

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