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A 30-day squat program for the dream body

Any woman would like to have a dream body, but for that you should want to adopt a proper diet, targeted exercises, especially patience and perseverance. Also, in terms of targeted exercises, nothing beats squatting. See how to strengthen your butt and stabilize your body in just a few days!

Having firm thighs and buttocks many men and women dream of. For this, physical activity is the best solution and among the exercises to achieve this result, the squat it’s ideal. By the way, have you heard of the 30 day squat challenge ? This weight loss program promises firm thighs and buttocks in just 30 days! So if you also want to join the squat challenge , this article is for you! You will find how this program works, the different exercises to be carried out, the advantages and disadvantages, as well as some photos that show the positive results of the squats before and after.. So, ready to build muscle in 30 days? Come on !

The squat is a simple but effective exercise to strengthen your thighs and buttocks muscles. At the same time, it reduces cellulite and improves blood circulation.

According to Mind Body Green, squat exercises are the foundation of almost any fitness training program. Easy to do and can be practiced wherever you are. If you include it in your daily routine, you will see muscle strengthening in your thighs and buttocks. In addition, they allow you to:

Build strength in your glutes and hamstrings for more toned limbs and master your hips and ankles. In addition, a study showed its positive effects on hip and knee extensors in the elderly.

Maintain good posture by working your upper back and strengthening your muscles.

The thirty day squat program

This exercise does not require any specific equipment or space. You just need to work hard and follow a 30-day program and implement it correctly and regularly to get satisfying results.

You’ll start gradually with an increasing number of squats over the days, with a three-day rest period to allow the muscles to recover. So girls, you have no more excuses to start exercising!

To perform this exercise, you need to stand up straight, stretch your feet hip-width apart, hands behind your neck. Bend your knees, moving your hips back so your thighs are parallel to the floor. Return to a standing position while trying to maintain balance on the soles of your feet. You can change the position of your arms by stretching them over your shoulders or parallel to the floor with your hands tied.

  • 1st day: 50 squats
  • 2nd day: 55 squats
  • 3rd day: 60 squats
  • 4th day: rest
  • 5th day: 70 squats
  • 6th day: 75 squats
  • 7th day: 80 squats
  • 8th day: rest
  • 9th day: 100 squats
  • 10th day: 105 squats
  • 11th day: 110 squats
  • 12th day: rest
  • 13th day: 130 squats
  • 14th day: 135 squats
  • 15th day: 140 squats
  • 16th day: rest
  • 17th day: 150 squats
  • 18th day: 155 squats
  • 19th day: 160 squats
  • 20th day: rest
  • 21st day: 180 squats
  • 22nd day: 185 squats
  • 23rd day: 190 squats
  • 24th day: rest
  • 25th day: 220 squats
  • 26th day: 225 squats
  • 27th day: 230 squats
  • 28th day: rest
  • 29th day: 240 squats
  • 30th day: 250 squats

Get excited, ladies, and you’ll get there. If you have a specific back problem, consult a specialist before starting a workout.

It is also recommended to do warm-up movements before starting this daily exercise.

Tips for losing weight and toning the body

A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle must be combined with a monthly exercise program to obtain good results. We also recommend:

· Have snacks or snacks in between meals, such as almonds or apples, because waiting until you are very hungry to eat will lead to you eating quickly and therefore feeling less satisfied.

· Eating a starter to eat less is also a good tip. One study found that consuming soup before a meal increases satiety levels.

· Improves sleep quality as it increases metabolism which helps to burn fat. Just like sleep balances hormones that moderate appetite.

· Drink fluids, especially water and tea. The latter offers several variants, from green tea to black tea or other infusions of your choice.

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