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A 16-year-old boy spends thousands of dollars to increase the volume of his lips to the limit

More and more people risk going under the knife to improve their physical appearance. However, it is one thing to remove a complexion with a scalpel, and another to become obsessed to the point of becoming addicted to aesthetic touch-ups.

That is what has happened to James Holt, a young man who is not afraid of having his lips “explode”.

James Holt, the young man who has increased the volume of his lips to “almost explode”

This boy from Manchester he was not very happy with the look of his natural lips nor of other aspects of his face, since he considered them to be too thin. So, neither short nor lazy, he decided to increase the volume of him.

When she was only 16 years old, she decided to have them filled, and since then she has not stopped undergoing Various treatments to improve your appearance. But her desire for fuller lips has become a real obsession, and she still continues to plump up every 3 months.


In fact, James Holt has acknowledged spending close to $18,500, more than €16,000 to completely change the appearance of your face. But it is not only an economic question, the obsession of this young man has set off the alarms of the doctors, who have come to warn him that his obsession has become dangerous due to the abuse of the application of invasive agents.


However, it seems that he doesn’t care too much about warningsand despite having already suffered some problems, he assures that it is now when he feels that he is reaching perfection.


One of the biggest complications she has suffered has been that her body rejected the filler, causing her to the filler came out of his lips and the center part of his mouth collapsed.


But despite all this, The young man does not rule out undergoing other surgeries in the future. In addition to her lips, she has also had a nose job, her cheeks have been filled out, and she has had implants in her buttocks.


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