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A 13-year-old girl reappears at home 5 years after eloping with a man over 50

Maria-Brigitte Henselmann is a girl younger than disappeared at just 13 years old after running away with a man over 50and that five years later he has returned home. “Mary has come home tonight”, her mother announced on Facebook recently. Do you want to know her story?

Maria-Brigitte Henselmann returns home after disappearing five years ago, when she was only 13

«I beg you to understand that we, and especially Maria, need a little time before we can talk about it. This especially applies to the media.

However, we want to thank all of you, the media and, above all, the national and foreign police authorities for your participation.

It is incredible how much help, compassion, human warmth and friendship they have given us. There is no happier family than ours todayher mother wrote on Facebook.

Some say that María-Brigitte had recently contacted her family. In fact, the authorities have confirmed that it was the girl’s friends who managed to bring her back home.

Although during those five years, the police had received a lot of information about what happened, they suspected that she had eloped with Bernhard, a 53-year-old man who had posed as a teenager to meet her.


In addition, during that time, the search has been extended to all of Europe, and they had even filed an international search and arrest warrant against Bernhard Haase.

According to the data collected, they had been located in different countries, such as Poland or the Czech Republic. Although none were able to locate them.

According to the media, before eloping the couple had several meetings in hotels in Freiburg. In fact, when de Haase’s wife found out about their affair, alerted Maria-Brigitte’s mother about what was happening. In addition, according to the investigation, the defendant had already had encounters of this type with other girls before.

Did you know the case of Maria-Brigitte and Bernhard Haase? What do you think about the story? Tell us in the comments!

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