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934 hair pomades will return to the shelves. remember

Hair pomades are widely used products all over the world, especially for styling and braiding hair. However, in February of this year, more than three thousand products had their commercialization prohibited by the Anvisa. Due to cases of eye irritation and temporary blindness related to its use.

According to an agency report, the products contained high concentrations of the substance Ceteareth-20, which could have caused severe eye irritation and even temporary blindness in users.

The reactions occurred mainly after the product came into contact with water and got into the eyes. From December to February of this year alone, more than 700 people sought emergency care after using the ointments in Rio de Janeiro and Pernambuco.

Anvisa is responsible for regulating and overseeing health products in Brazil, and the initial ban on hair ointments demonstrates the agency’s commitment to protecting consumers’ health.

Anvisa aims to ensure that products sold in the country meet safety, quality and efficacy requirements. In addition to being registered with the agency before being placed on the market. Anvisa’s work is important to ensure that consumers can use safe and reliable products in their daily lives.

Shortlist information

Anvisa released a restricted list of 934 hair ointments that are authorized to return to the market. The list was drawn up after careful analysis of the products.

And verification that they have the substance Ceteareth-20 in concentrations below 20% in their formulas. This means that these products are less likely to cause eye irritation or temporary blindness in users.

hair pomades

The restricted list is a measure adopted by Anvisa to allow the return to the market of part of the products. But still maintaining the ban on the sale of products that were not mentioned in the list.

This demonstrates the agency’s concern to ensure consumer safety and avoid potential health risks.

Anvisa pointed out that the list is restricted and that consumers should verify that the product they wish to purchase is on that list before buying it. In addition, the agency informed that it will continue to monitor the sale of hair ointments to ensure that the products comply with the safety and quality standards required by the agency.

Hair pomades and their health risks

The initial ban on the sale and manufacture of more than three thousand hair ointments. It was prompted by reports of eye irritation and temporary blindness in users.

According to Anvisa, the products contained high concentrations of the substance Ceteareth-20. Which could cause such adverse reactions in contact with water and dripping into the eyes.

These health risks related to the use of health products are constant concerns for Anvisa. That works to protect consumers through the regulation and inspection of products sold in the country.

The agency requires manufacturers to comply with strict safety and quality requirements. In addition to carrying out regular inspections at companies to verify that these standards are being followed.

In the case of hair ointments, Anvisa adopted the measure of authorizing the return of sales of only 934 products that comply with safety standards.

In this way, the agency guarantees that consumers can use these products without risking their health. As long as you follow the instructions for use contained in the packaging.

In short, Anvisa acts to protect consumers from possible health risks related to the use of health products. Whether prohibiting the sale of unsafe products or authorizing the sale only of products that meet strict safety and quality standards.

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Anvisa Regulation

Anvisa’s regulations are extremely important for consumer safety with regard to health products.

Including the hair pomades that have been in question recently. The agency is responsible for ensuring that these products meet strict quality requirements. In addition to safety before being sold on the market.

For this, Anvisa requires manufacturers to present studies that prove the effectiveness and safety of the product. As well as the list of ingredients used in its formulation.

The agency also conducts inspections at manufacturing companies to verify that production processes are in compliance with safety and quality standards.

In addition, Anvisa monitors the products that are already on the market. Conducting periodic tests to detect possible irregularities.

If any product presents a risk to health, the agency may prohibit its sale or adopt other measures to protect consumers.

Finally, Anvisa is also responsible for regulating the labeling of products, ensuring that information about the composition. Instructions for use and precautions are clear and precise so that consumers can use products safely and effectively.

In summary, Anvisa plays a fundamental role in the regulation of health products, including hair ointments. The agency works to ensure that these products meet strict quality and safety standards. Thus protecting the health of consumers.

Consumer care for hair pomades

Although Anvisa plays an important role in the regulation and inspection of health products. It is essential that consumers also take responsibility for informing themselves and taking steps to ensure that the products they are using are safe and effective.

One of the main ways to do this is to check if the product is registered with Anvisa before buying it. Registration with the agency is a guarantee that the product has undergone rigorous evaluations to ensure that it meets the quality and safety standards required by law.

In addition, it is important to carefully read the product information, including the list of ingredients and instructions for use. This can help prevent possible allergic reactions or other unwanted side effects.

Another important tip is to follow the instructions for use correctly. This includes the proper amount of product to use. Length of stay in the hair and any precautions to be taken during use. How to avoid contact with eyes.

Finally, if the consumer has a question or concern regarding a product. It is recommended to consult a health professional or contact Anvisa itself for more information.

In summary, it is critical that consumers take responsibility for verifying the safety of the products they are using and following the instructions for use correctly. These measures can help ensure the safety and effectiveness of personal care products. Like hair pomades.


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