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90s hairstyles: hair trend 2022

Though sometimes questionable, most 90s hairstyles hold a close and still very dear place in our hearts. Yes, each decade has its share of monumental hair moments — ’60s beehives, flapper-esque bobs, and well-coiffed finger waves are just a few to come to mind — but it would be remiss to forget the many ’90s hairstyles that have become iconic. over the decade.

From plush, shiny and whimsical hair accessories, to braids, twists, and even some spikes, the 90s provided plenty of awe-inspiring fodder that we can apply to our strands today. Also, it’s safe to say that each of our editors has been involved in at least some of these styles at one point or another (some worked better than others), and we know we weren’t alone. With the help of three hair experts — Phillip Downing, Rita Lowery and Sienree Du — we’ve rounded up 20 modern versions of iconic ’90s hair.

The best 90s hairstyles that still rock to this day

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