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9 women’s pieces you can’t miss

Zara sales are the most anticipated. We went in search of the discounted pieces you won’t want to miss out on. Take note!

If you were waiting for Zara sales to renew the winter wardrobe, we have good news: it has already started and there are many incredible pieces at friendly prices, for the cold season.

Shopping at Zara sales: what you need to know

As you probably already know, over the weeks prices drop even further. In this sense, our suggestion is that you buy now those pieces that you really don’t want to lose, but wait for the others that you are still undecided about to drop in price. After all, the idea of ​​balances it’s really saving, right?

So, and because it’s common to get confused in the middle of so much clothing, accessories and discounts, we’ve put together the best pieces to buy in the Spanish giant.

But remember that, in an era where sustainability is the watchword, you should only buy clothes that you need, and that you are really going to use. Therefore, leave aside the pieces that are too trendy (unless you love it and will continue to use it).

Get out there and prepare the shopping list!

9 pieces you’ll want to buy in Zara sales

About everything

Cold days call for warm overcoats, and this one promises to accompany you until the winter is over.
With a nice cut and a neutral color, it works well both in work coordinates and in casual weekend looks.



Blazers are an essential piece in any woman’s wardrobe.
If you’re looking for an elegant and classic black that doesn’t cost a fortune, you’ve just found it.
If you like it, don’t let it get away.


warm sweater

Essential in the fight against cold days, sweaters assume a place of choice in the winter wardrobe.


Cropped flared jeans

Zara sales are always a good opportunity to buy jeans.
Versatile and comfortable, jeans are a year-round essential, both for work and for going out.


Woman with cheap blue jeans

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Shirts are another versatile piece that is well worth buying on sale.
This looks great both with a cardigan and under a sweater in winter.
But the best part is that you can use it all year round. Yes, you read that right: it is extremely versatile.



Are you an unapologetically feminine woman who loves to wear dresses even in winter? Then this one is for you.
Long, it works beautifully both for work and for dinner with friends or with your better half.



High waist pants


High-waisted pants in dark tones are an excellent option to wear to work.

So, if you’re in need of some, take advantage of these being versatile and beautiful.


Black flat ankle boots

Comfort is the watchword for many of us. In this sense, buying flat ankle boots to face the cold is a safe bet, and the certainty of walking very cool and comfortable.
These work well with trousers, skirts and dresses.


trench with belt

It’s one of those pieces that come in handy all year round: in the mid-season or on mild winter and summer days. So it will always be a good buy.


As you can see, there is no shortage of good pieces to buy in Zara sales. Choose your favourites, based on what you need, and get ready to face the cold season in style.

It has never been so easy to look beautiful without having to spend a lot, right?

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