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9 Typical Beer Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Water, barley and hops are the three ingredients of beer, this low-proof fermented drink that, consumed in moderation, can prevent some diseases and provide benefits to our body. However, you should know that not everything that is said about her is true.

Contrary to what people believe, these 9 myths NO they are true.

1- Beer should be drunk cold

Beer tastes best when served between 5 and 12 degrees, depending on the type. It’s the big breweries that have taken it upon themselves to perpetuate the low-temperature falsehood, and we know why: ice cold beer numbs the palate, reducing the flavor of the beer and making you drink more; an effect similar to drinking a glass of cold water.


2- Blonde beer is light and tasteless

Just as black beer has lighter varieties, the same thing happens to blonde beers.

Stout isn’t just Cream Ale, Pale Ale, or Witbier wheat beer, there are plenty of options. Are you looking for the blonde with the most flavor? Try Dopplebocks, Rauchbierm or Baltic Porters.


3- Black beer always has a higher alcohol content

Just because it’s black doesn’t mean it has more alcohol. In fact, some like India Pale Ale are twice as strong as oat stout and have twice the alcohol.


4- Bottled beer is better than canned beer

For decades glass bottles were reserved for the privileged class that drank beer, however, the proletariat drank from cans. Today, as most craft beer drinkers have realized, this trend is changing, albeit slowly.

The really important paradigm is the choice of container, which can be summarized in the following equation: beer + sun = waste. The same ultraviolet rays that cause you to burn can damage beer if it is not protected. So if you have to choose the container, choose the can!

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5- Beer before cubata, guaranteed hangover

There are many people who believe that the order in which alcoholic beverages are consumed determines the state in which you will find yourself the next day. This is not the case, the amount that the order influences more in terms of the well-being of the next day is concerned.


6- You just don’t like beer

When someone says they don’t like beer, nine times out of ten it’s just that they haven’t found theirs. There are many types of beers, and the taste varies greatly from one to another. Also, most people who try it for the first time don’t like it, but eventually can’t live without it.


7- The older the beer is better

Many of the wine lovers have a cellar. The idea of ​​a cellar is supposed to be to preserve the drink so that it improves over time. But beer doesn’t get better over time, it just changes its flavor.


8- Black beer is always the same

Darkness is not a taste. The dark color only indicates that more roasted malt has been used. It reveals almost nothing about the taste of the beer. It says nothing about the amount of hops, bitterness, sweetness, or alcohol percentage.

9- Consuming beer causes a “beer belly”

Whoever invented the saying “beer belly” didn’t have much of a clue. Excess calories from beer are no more likely to contribute to weight gain than excess calories from anything else.

In fact, there are studies that say that moderate alcohol consumption appears to be benign, and that even moderate drinkers are thinner on average.

A typical 11 ounce beer is roughly equal to one slice of whole wheat bread. So it is a more than harmless vice.


Not everything that is said about beer is true. Now that you know a little more… What are you waiting for to take one?

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