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9 types of photos you should delete from Facebook

Find out what types of photographs you should delete from Facebook and, therefore, avoid sharing them on social networks. See the risks you may be taking.

Find out what are the photos you should delete from facebook because they pose a risk to the privacy and security of those who publish them.

If we publish a lot of personal information on a social network that has more than 2 billion users, like Facebook, we can jeopardize our privacy and security. Data such as date of birth, marital status, address, full name and even telephone number are personal information that can easily be exploited by hackers. web??

But the risk may not just come from written information. Many users hide this personal data, but then unwittingly disclose it through the publication of photographs.

the photos you should delete from facebook

Photos that identify location

This advice is valid for all photographs that identify the place where you live, where you work, your children’s school or other children in your family.

Increasingly, these types of photos can be used to discover real addresses and locations. It is particularly important to take this into account if it is information associated with children, such as the parks where they play or where they are studying. There is little care to avoid attracting the attention of less well-meaning people.

Do not post photos in real time

You’re in a restaurant and you post a photo of the fantastic dish you’re eating, you’re walking your dog in the street and you show him the park where he’s doing that pose you love so much, or you’re at a party with friends and you post a selfie where everyone is very excited.

All this seems innocent, but if a thief is prowling around your house because he has ideas of robbing you, these photographs published in real time, with time and place, are a good help for him to decide when and for how long he can proceed.

It is especially suitable for those who usually keep holiday diaries and have not left anyone to guard the house. There are already insurers who refuse to cover theft premiums if the robbers have disclosed their locations online In real time.

It’s one thing to show a photo of yourself on the Eiffel Tower without saying if you’re back or if you’re still in Paris, and it’s another to show everyone your travel plans and even announce that you’re getting on the plane to leave.

plane ticket pictures

Still thinking about Facebook users who like to “publish” their holidays through a detailed visual travel diary, the photographs showing boarding passes with bar codes are particularly dangerous.

These codes are unique and can be used to access the personal information your buyer gave the airline when purchasing the trip. Most likely, this information could include your credit card details.

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pictures of children

Any pictures of your children or other children in your family must be removed from Facebook. It is a way to protect your children’s privacy and safety from predators.

And remember that when they grow up, these photos may still be on the Internet and may conflict with your personal and professional interests.

private photos

Whether with your partner or alone, all intimate and private photos must remain exclusively with you, as you are the only person to whom you can 100% entrust them.

Remember that each of us is responsible for our personal brand and that brand, like commercial brands, can suffer greatly if it is associated with negative images or with too much exposure. Take care of your digital footprint.

Pictures with password clues

The photos you publish with your children, your significant other, that pet you love so much or the cat you had as a child, become particularly dangerous if they have associated names.

You hackers looking to get into computers, can cross a lot of information and these names can be tested on passwords??

party pictures

These will always depend on the type of party you are attending and where you are photographed. Avoid photos that may show an image of you that is different from what you want or may want to have. Remember that, whether on a personal or professional level, many people can come into contact with these photos without even knowing it.

photos with others

Be mindful of the type of photos you post with other people. Respect the same publishing rules as if it were just your photos. Implicating others in the photos you publish, whether they are people you met on a trip or friends, is a great responsibility and it is best to always ask for permission to take and publish the photo because many may agree with the first action and not with the second action.

Also think about this question whenever someone asks you to join a group photo. Make sure that by doing so you are not putting yourself at risk in terms of what that person might do with your photograph.

Remember that many images on the Internet have reserved rights, which means that you have to pay to publish them. Even if you make a copy paste and manages to publish the image, this does not invalidate the possibility that you may suffer legal action over the image you are publishing if someone detects your action.

Protect the rights of those who produced the photos or videos you post online?? This is the only way to guarantee that your rights, in the images or videos you authored, are also protected.

Take note of this list of photos that you should delete from Facebook and consider carefully whether or not you should have this type of content online and available to everyone.

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