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9 tips for organizing your desk

Regardless of whether you work at home or in an office, the truth is that the organization of space has a direct relationship with your motivation.

Do you feel that every day you waste time looking for papers and other things and get nervous every time you can’t find what you need to solve a certain task? Well, it’s time to organize the Desktop.

A messy workspace causes stress and reduces productivity.

We explain why it is so important and tips to organize your work desk. You will notice the differences.

Keeping a work table properly tidy is much more important than it may seem at first glance. Have you ever noticed that in the midst of confusion it’s hard to feel good or think properly? Working also becomes much more complicated, or even impossible.

A disorganized work desk is synonymous with wasted time, which in turn means less productivity and more stress. At the limit, it can jeopardize the maintenance of your job. And no, it’s not an exaggeration.

A professional capable of organizing the work table and keeping it that way is able to carry out his tasks efficiently, avoids delays and does not compromise his well-being. In addition, a tidy and clean desk is always a good business card for superiors, colleagues or clients that you may have to receive at your work station.

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In a more succinct way, we present you some of the benefits of organizing the work table:

  • Comfort and well-being;
  • Better time management;
  • Document security;
  • More productivity;
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety levels;
  • Recognition of the organization by superiors, which can help in a possible promotion;
  • Better working environment (result of previous benefits).

Convinced? So get ready to take the first step. We help in this mission.

Organizing the work desk: 9 tips

Start organizing your desk now. The first step is the most difficult. Start now. If the mess is too big, organize it little by little, by areas or even on different days.


Throw away what is useless

Garbage, old magazines, ruined pens, business cards and all kinds of “junk” that you don’t need should be removed from your desk.

Organize all the papers and documents you need, separating them by dossiers properly identified with the subject.

Documents that you don’t need to consult often or that you just want to preserve can be archived somewhere other than your desk. You can store what you no longer need in a cupboard, shelf or bookcase.

Opt for minimalism when it comes to your work desk. Avoid accumulating anything on top of the workspace. Leave only the essentials. Other things you may need from time to time, keep them in a drawer. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have a plan or a drawing of your children, for example, which can even give you extra motivation, but stop there.

The space is for work.

Place dividers inside the drawer(s) in order to separate different objects. So you’ll find what you need with ease.

Don’t fill your desk and/or your computer monitor with sticky notes or loose papers with reminders. Choose to make a daily list of tasks to be accomplished in an exclusive notebook for this purpose or in a digital document and cross out or sign each point as you carry them out.


Identify important documents

It is important that you organize and identify everything that is important on your desk. In this way, it ensures that in case of forced absence, anyone else can find what they need.

9. Do not accumulate

Once you’ve organized your desk, commit to yourself to keep everything in place at the end of each day. It’s all a matter of habit.

Start organizing your desk now

Remember, a messy workspace is synonymous with anxiety, stress, discomfort, wasted time and low productivity. It doesn’t have any advantage.

So, start organizing your work desk today. You will notice the results immediately. It will certainly promote your own performance and professional development.

This will help you to do more and better, continuously, and help you achieve your goals and objectives with much less effort.

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