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9 Things Your Mom Has Been Hiding From You All Your Life

Since we are born our mothers always accompany us in every moment of our lives, but there are always things that they do not tell us…

They have thoughts that we are not aware of and today we want to show you so that you value your mother more after reading them.

1- You are the reason why he has cried so much


Whether it was joy when she found out she was pregnant or worry when you got sick or perhaps pride at every step of the way you’ve taken but she’s cried a lot for you.

2- She also wants the last bite

mother photo

Your mother also wants that last bite or the last piece of something to eat that is left on the table but out of pure love she leaves it to you.

3- She is always worried about you

mother photo

It all started during the pregnancy, you weren’t born yet and he was already worried that nothing bad would happen to you. The same thing happened years later when you went out to a party or every time you have been sick and will continue to be worried all your life.

4- He had a lot of pain for 9 months

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For 9 months our mothers sacrifice themselves, stop drinking, smoking, suffer from morning sickness, pain every time the baby moves… and you will never have heard your mother reproach you for it.

5- It is not perfect

pregnant photo
Photography by: jessanick

She’s human, like everyone, even if she’s your mother, so don’t get on your nerves when she makes a mistake or pays too much attention to you.

6- He loves to look at you

pregnant photo
Photography by: paul j everett

It’s probably his favorite pastime when you’re around. As a child I watched you while you slept and as an adult at every step you take.

7- When you cry your world falls apart

baby photos

Every time she sees you suffer, she suffers with you, so she comforts you and helps you get over it.

8- Letting you go is really hard for her

baby photos

Since you were born you have been with her so it is tremendously difficult for her to let you go. Whether it’s to go to university, to become independent in a new apartment or for love. The important thing is to always have her close to her.

9- I would do it all over again

baby photos

Despite the pain, the delivery, the worries… I would repeat it all over again to have you as my son.

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