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9 Things You Should Know Before Reconnecting to a Wi-Fi Network

In the hyperconnected world that we live in, there is no greater claim in an establishment than the Free WIFI.

Being able to check social networks while having a coffee, beer or derivative is a sure bet that the client will return, what you as a client do not know is what you give in exchange for those “free” connection megabytes.

Tips for using free Wi-Fi without selling your soul

1- Do not let your mobile memorize the network

Most mobile devices automatically memorize, for convenience, the name and password of any Wi-Fi network to which they have connected to be able to access them again, but this information can be used in the opposite direction to steal data from you.

2- Use a secure network (HTTPS) whenever you can

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It is much easier to check than it may seem. Always check, in the URL of the page that begins with the HTTPS acronymnails on.

If you don’t have it, it’s not a secure network and it can be dangerous to navigate on a public network.

3- Which of the networks is it?

It has never happened to you that when requesting the network of an establishment, more than 5 networks with very similar names.

This is because some of them are a fake network trying to get your data through the connection. Make sure you connect to the real network.

4- Turn off the Wifi when you’re done

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When you finish checking how many likes you have on Instagram, disconnect from the Wi-Fi network and make it forget about said network, this way it will not automatically connect to it.

5- Two-step verification

Whenever it is available activate the two-step verificationIn this way, even if your password is hacked, you will be safe when entering any device.

6- Do not enter Paypal or your bank’s app

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While you are connected to a public network, do not perform any operation whose data you would not give to a stranger. Nor enter the bank, Paypalexchange passwords or pages of the ministry.

7- Buy a good antivirus

Every day a new way to attack your operating system is discovered, so you should always have update the version of your antivirus to avoid problems.

8- Use the VPN connection


If you have no choice but to use public networks often, the best thing to do is to get a VPN. With a VPN connection you will create a tunnel between your device and the Internetprotecting your connection when you are on a public Wi-Fi network.

9- Have the latest update

The same happens with the updates, they are not there to get in the way, but to solve accessibility problems to your data. Always update both the applications and the operating system.

Did you know the dangers of entering a public network? Will you keep asking for the Wi-Fi password in every bar you go to?

share it with your friends so that they leave their cell phones in the bars and begin to interact with you!

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