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9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Night Shift Nurses

Anyone who works in a hospital is worthy of respect whether nurses or doctorssince they take care of our health in the best way they know how.

However, there is a group of workers who deserve special mention and they are those nurses who work in the Night shift.

Many people think that it is really easy since at night there is not as much activity as during the day but it is quite the opposite, there are many tasks to perform in addition to taking care of patients who cannot sleep.

Today we tell you some of the advantages and disadvantages to have a night shift at the hospital.

1- They have more flexibility in their personal life

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Being diligent and sticking to a schedule that allows you to work nights, as well as eat and exercise, makes them have more family time or to be able to do other hobbies, such as guitar or yoga classes.

2- They hate all beings that make noise during the day

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Although for many people the sound of an ice cream truck or advertising campaigns is the start of a new day, for those who work nights it is the noise most hateful in the world.

3- They know who to wake up


If during the night there is an emergency and some nurse needs to call a doctor, she knows exactly who to call. Even those nice and educated doctors can have a bad awakening.

4- They have a great ability to fall asleep

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They are used to sleeping when they can, so it is not a problem for them to fall asleep at 12 in the morning and even with a lot of light in the room.

5- Patients can be really annoying

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There is nothing worse than not sleeping in your own bed, and if this is also because you are sick and need to be in the hospital, your mood worsens even more. It is therefore not surprising that patients become more complainer during the nights.

6- Your internal clock is never at peace


No matter how many nights they have worked during the night shift, it is really difficult to get used to that rhythm of life. The body is made to be awake while the sun is in the sky, so these changes in biorhythms They affect your body in many ways.

7- They keep the leftovers

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During the day, the activity of the hospitals is greater, so there are many undesirable tasks that require a lot of time that the day shift nurses leave these tasks to the night staff since they consider that they will have more time.

8- The cafeteria is closed


One of the main problems with having the night shift is that the coffee shop is closed so the nurses have to make do with the Vending machines or with what they bring from home.

9- His patients rarely sleep

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Anyone who has worked a night shift can tell you that even though everyone thinks it’s the night shift More calm The opposite occurs since patients, when they are sick, have a hard time sleeping.

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