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9 Things That Can Happen to You When You Take 2 Bananas a Day for a Month

The benefits provided by the consumption of bananas are truly endless. Even without knowing how recommended its intake is, you will not be able to deny that it is one of the richest and most delicious fruits that exists.

At the moment, the banana is the most consumed fruit. People prefer it over apples and oranges combined. Believe it or not, the banana is classified as a berry.

One of the qualities that makes it such a popular fruit is how easy it is to remove the skin.

The brown color that can be seen in the skin of bananas is due to the levels of TNF they contain at that time. TNF or Tumor Necrosis Factor is a protein that helps detect and eliminate abnormal growth of cells in the human body.

Essentially, this protein helps our immune system act directly on cells experiencing inflammation or infection.

Although eating bananas is not a cure for cancer, they have been shown to help slow the growth of tumors, as well as support our immune system in many other ways.

Check what happens when you eat bananas and how they help our health with their benefits. Surely from now on you will not forget them when you go to the supermarket!

1- Acidity

Bananas are a natural antacid. They are the perfect solution for those people who suffer from heartburn during the day.

2- Blood pressure.

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Bananas are great for your heart. They are low in sodium, very high in potassium and even richer in flavor. Including foods that are good for your heart in your daily routine is a very good way to prevent possible heart attacks.

3- Energy.

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Packed with vitamins and minerals, bananas provide us with the perfect fuel before undertaking any physical task. Its high potassium content will also help prevent muscle cramps.

4- Anemia.

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Anemia refers to that condition of the body in which low levels of red blood cells are experienced in the blood. The iron contained in the patanos increases the production of these blood cells and will help us keep them at healthy levels.

5- Ulcers.

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Bananas are one of the few fruits that are completely safe to eat when suffering from stomach ulcers.

6- Depression.

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Bananas contain tryptophan, an amino acid that our bodies end up converting into serotonin. Normally we associate tryptophan with feeling sleepy, but it has been shown that when it is converted into serotonin it helps people relax.

7- Constipation.

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No one wants to admit that they have trouble going to the bathroom. Before trying laxatives or high-fiber supplements, try bananas. Its fiber content is very high and it will surely help you regulate your intestinal transit when you need it.

8- Stress.

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The B vitamins found in bananas have been shown to help calm our nervous system.

9- Refreshing.

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Bananas are capable of lowering body temperature. Try eating one in the middle of hot summer days the next time you’re lying in bed with a fever.

Of course, if you’re looking for a way to really cool down, banana sundaes are a great option.

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You can find bananas in any supermarket you can get to, so don’t hesitate to get a couple of them the next time you do the shopping.

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Experiment by adding bananas to dishes that you love, try them with yogurt, with cereals…

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Did you know all these incredible benefits of bananas? If you know about any other or would like to comment on this fantastic fruit, you can leave us your opinion in the comments.

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