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9 Super Easy Ways to Show Appreciation on Valentine’s Day (and Every Day!)

We can probably all agree that it feels a little extra peppy and wonderful when we get appreciation for things we’ve done or achieved, or when someone shows that they simply like us for who we are. Saying positive things and showing appreciation to those you care about gives both the person in question and yourself an extra boost – so why not take the opportunity to do just that?

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When you receive a compliment or feel that someone is making a little extra effort, it often gives you energy for several days. It’s easy to make people happy with very little effort, yet it’s so easy to forget or just not happen. Not only do you warm the other person’s heart when you show appreciation – you yourself will definitely feel happier and learn to experience more positivity in your everyday life. A win-win! We at Metro Mode have therefore collected 9 super simple ways to make your everyday life more positive and loving.

1. Thank you note

Write a small line on a post-it or other piece of paper and leave it where you know the person will move. If you’re not at work, maybe you can send a chat message or email and thank him for helping you with the presentation, doing a great job on a project you worked on together, or simply because he’s a wonderful colleague!

2. Bring out a toast

If someone has accomplished something good that you know they are happy about: make sure to give them some extra attention. For example, if you see each other over dinner, it’s easy to raise a toast to the person in question and simply say that you’re incredibly proud of your amazing/smart/generous friend.

3. Show that you are making an effort to spend time with the person

Make sure to find gaps in your everyday life to be able to spend some extra time with the person you want to show appreciation. If you’re skipping a meeting or something else just to see the person, make sure to say it in a humble way so that the person understands that you’ve made an effort just to be with them. Facetime is also an easy way to “see each other” that most people manage to do at some point during the week!

4. Surprise with coffee or cake

There is probably nothing you appreciate as much as when someone surprises you with coffee or food. An unexpected latte or bun is easy to buy with and makes you not only happy in the stomach but also incredibly warm in the heart.

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5. Body contact – lots of hugs!

It is scientifically proven that body contact in all its forms releases endorphins that make us happy. If you know that the person is not restrained with body contact in general, you can usually put a hand on the shoulder while giving a compliment, it gives a much more genuine feeling. The best thing of all is to give someone a long, warm hug – so take the opportunity to do it right away if you live with the person!

6. Show compassion and recognition

There is nothing worse than when people sit in silence when you have made a mistake or lost yourself, so why do the same to someone else? Instead, say: “That has happened to me, it will work out!” or: “Esh, that was nothing, it happens to everyone”.

7. Give a small gift

It doesn’t have to be extravagant or luxurious, quite the opposite. Just showing that you’ve thought about the person and seen something that you know they would like, whether it’s something that only costs a few kroner or something you found at the grocery store, means a lot.

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8. Give compliments

It might sound like the most obvious thing in the world, but a: “How beautiful you are today” or: “How nice you had organized the last party” are compliments that never go out of date. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just giving compliments to people you know! If you see someone around town wearing something nice or doing something good – drop them a quick comment and tell them what you think!

9. Smile!

This is the absolute best way in the world to create a happier environment around you, whether you’re smiling at the staff at the grocery store, your colleague or a stranger in town. A smile does so much!

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