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9 reasons why the best employees resign – and you as a manager can change that

On Linkedin, management guru Donn Carr lists nine reasons why talented employees resign. If you as a manager recognize yourself in the points on the list, it is time to think and make changes in the workplace.

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Donn Carr is the founder of Carr Management Group, which works towards retail and shopping centers. In his work, he has been teaching management teams about customer service and business and leadership development for 27 years.

Donn Carr’s mantra is “people work for people – not for companies”. On Linkedin, he writes a list of reasons why good employees choose to quit their workplaces. If some of Donn Carr’s points apply to your leadership, it’s time to make changes and rethink your leadership.

9 reasons why the best employees quit

1. Overworked staff

Talented employees love to contribute and work hard, but if you plan to demand even more, it’s important to expand their responsibilities and status as well. They won’t stick around if they suffocate on the job.

2. Employees receive no attention or reward for their work

Never underestimate the power of a pat on the back, a thank you, or a comment that the person has done a good job. This also applies to the self-motivated and top achievers because it is easy to take their performance for granted, which you should not do.

3. The wrong people are hired and noticed

Hard-working employees want to work with like-minded people at all levels. Promoting the wrong person is a big mistake. When a person who slips on a shrimp sandwich is prioritized over someone who works himself to death, it is an insult to all good workers.

4. The employer does not care about his employees

More than half of all people who choose to quit their jobs do so because of the relationship with their boss, according to Donn Carr. Companies with managers who do not care about their employees often have high staff turnover.

5. The employer fails to develop the staff

Skilled employees feel the need to improve and develop their skills and it is up to the managers to give the staff these opportunities. As a manager, it is your responsibility to challenge and encourage your employees. Without development opportunities, the skilled worker will become bored and look for another job.

6. Workers are prevented from being creative

Good workers have an ability to improve everything they do and take pride in what they create. If the opportunity to change and improve is removed, these people will begin to loathe their job. Don’t limit employees’ need to create.

7. The staff does not get an intellectual challenge

A good manager encourages his employees to cope with things that may at first seem unthinkable. The right goals and inspiration make the employee dare to step outside their comfort zone.

8. The employer does not fulfill its obligations

Integrity and honesty are two qualities that every employee expects from their managers. It shouldn’t just be talk if you say you’re going to do something. The fact that you keep your word and your commitments says a lot about you as a leader and makes the staff trust you.

9. The employer does not let the staff keep their passions

Talented employees are passionate and need employers who can give them challenges that meet their passion. It requires you as a manager to listen to and observe your employees to find out what makes them passionate.

Source: Linkedin/Donn Carr

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