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9 mistakes you should avoid in sales

Sales are always one of the most anticipated seasons, especially for those who like clothes. After all, they are the perfect opportunity to get the pieces you’ve been loving all season, for a better price. However, in an era where the watchword is sustainability, never before has it made so much sense to identify the common mistakes you should avoid in balances.

The truth is that we all have, or have had, at least one piece that we bought on sale and never wore. Yes, we are talking about the one that was left behind and which he never remembered.

Try opening the wardrobe and count the pieces that still have the tag on, because you bought them on impulse and never wore them.

The idea is to start buying only what you really need and will use. So be aware of these errors, and run away from them.

Mistakes you should avoid in balances: the 9 to keep in mind


Not cleaning the closet before sales

Before buying any item on sale, it’s important that you tidy up your closet, so you can see everything you have and what you’re missing.

This will allow you to have greater clarity about the parts you really need to buy, preventing you from buying what you don’t need. Or worse: buy parts just because they’re cheap.

In this sense, take advantage of the closet storage to make a list of pieces you want, or need to buy, at a reduced price.

Going to sales, whether online or in physical stores, without a list is halfway to disaster. So this is really one of the mistakes you can’t make.

This is because, more times than we would like to admit, we are tempted by low prices, and by pieces that we think are beautiful, but in the end we end up not using them.

Think of your closet in a more functional way, and focus on buying the pieces you need. And remember that buying quality parts is always a safe bet, even if they are more expensive.


Not setting a budget

Yes, you should always do math and understand what the limit of money you can spend is.

Bet on conscious purchases, and avoid going over the budget you have stipulated for sales. This will help you make better purchases without financial headaches.


Don’t bet on quality

We often tend to prefer quantity over quality, which translates into pieces that don’t last more than one season, without tearing or getting ugly.

Good quality pieces, made of good materials and with good finishes, or timeless pieces that you will wear a lot are, without a doubt, the best purchases for sales. Even though they are more expensive.

So, be on the lookout for pieces that are really worth it, such as leather bags or coats, cashmere sweaters, blazers or cotton shirts and dresses. Favor natural fibres, as they allow the skin to breathe.

Higher quality parts tend to be more expensive, but last much longer absolutely flawlessly than poor quality ones.

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Buy the wrong size

Who never bought a piece two sizes too big just because it was cheap? The promise is always the same: “I’ll have it tightened or fixed later”, but the truth is that it never ends up happening. These are pieces that will stay in the back of the closet forever.

This also applies to defective parts, with the excuse that later we will try any DIY technique to be able to use them.

Is there a defect? Let it stay in the store. There is not your size? Patience, you’ll have to stay behind.

Buy only what looks good on you and is in perfect condition.

Another of the big mistakes you should avoid in sales is buying just because there is a “big discount”. Before bringing the piece, think about whether you are really going to use it, even if the price is very low and attractive.

Remember the list you established and avoid falling into temptation as much as possible. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a closet full but nothing to wear.


Buy very cheap parts

The sales were made for us to take advantage of and invest in that more expensive piece, where the price reduction really makes the difference.

A “bargain” every now and then doesn’t hurt anyone, but avoid coming home with only €9.90 pieces that are now €5.

Bet on those pieces that you normally wouldn’t buy, because they are too expensive, but that are really worth it on sales.

They are the ones you will be able to use for years, without having to buy again.

Even though these sales are preferring online purchases, in order to avoid agglomerations, as soon as the piece arrives at your home it is very important that you try it on.

Never put anything in the closet without trying it on and making sure you like it.

After all, often just because the price is inviting we end up making a mistake. And once again, we end up with a closet full of monos.

Prefer clothes made of good materials, that fit you perfectly and that you know you’re really going to wear.


Thinking you need to buy something just because it’s on sale

It’s not because sales are there that you necessarily need to buy anything. Remember, your guide should be a list of parts you want and need.

In an era where concern for the environment is ever-increasing, conscious consumption has never made so much sense like now.

Have you memorized the big mistakes not to make in these sales? Avoid them and shop even better.

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