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9 effective tips to avoid it

Want to know how to lose your job? Just adopt some of these habits. If that’s not what you want, avoid them before your boss reaches the limit.

But after all, how to lose your job soon? We answer: getting distracted by social media, being late, having a negative attitude and inappropriate behavior with the boss or colleagues, for example.

It may even seem a little exaggerated, but the truth is that this type of behavior is enough for a professional to take any boss to the limit and end up being fired in a short period of time.

So if you’ve managed to find your dream job and you don’t want to jeopardize your career at all, we have some tips to help you. Stay with us.

How to lose your job: 9 behaviors to avoid

unemployed worker collecting belongings

Arrive late

Yes, it’s a cliché. And at a time when schedules are increasingly flexible, it might not even seem like a reason to lose your job.

But what is certain is that there are still functions that require a strict schedule. In these cases, being punctual is a fundamental rule, especially if this involves keeping colleagues or clients waiting, as it can be considered a lack of consideration and politeness.

be nasty

Want to know how to lose your job? Being unpleasant and presumptuous with colleagues and bosses.

In fact, we all know the basic concept that “first impression lasts”, right? Well, there’s nothing better than being simply natural and transparent with everyone in your workplace to maintain your professional image and not end up getting fired.

Remember that it is not worth trying to create an image of someone we are not. The important thing is that people trust us and our work.

Solve personal problems during work hours

Texting or calling friends and family throughout the day during work hours, not only is it unprofessional, it can also be against company policy.

Therefore, you should avoid these situations, especially when it involves talking about personal situations such as problems at your child’s school or getting angry with your husband or girlfriend. Save these conversations for your break or for an opportune moment.

show uncompromising

If you are constantly late and in the middle of the morning you are already asking where everyone is going to have lunch, it is a sign that you are already preparing for lunch and have barely worked.

Furthermore, constantly getting up from your chair or spending time going to smoke cigarettes demonstrates that your desire to work is almost nil.

Deep down, this type of attitude can even become intolerable when maintained for a few days in a row. In order not to lose your job, you must avoid being uncommitted, fulfilling your schedules and tasks effectively.

Abusing the use of smartphones and social networks

You might want to see the last photo your best friend posted about the holidays or a breaking news, but work hours are not the time to keep up to date with what’s going on on social media.

You shouldn’t do it, either on your work computer or on your smartphone. If you are in a meeting surfing the internet or texting you will show everyone that you are not paying attention.

Also don’t forget that everything you write on social media can become public and you shouldn’t speak ill of your job online or offline.

have inappropriate behaviors

Try not to be constantly negative or complain about everything. It can also be harmful not to know how to adapt to your work environment, from the way you dress or speak (avoid speaking too loudly or using profanity).

Your hygiene (or lack of it) and unkempt appearance can cost you your job or a promotion.

Using work tools for personal use

Once again, reinforcing the idea: the work material is for that very thing – to work.

How to lose your job? Constantly printing personal documents at the company or using the internet, computer or office phone for personal tasks. Bringing home pens, paper, notebooks or folders purchased by the company for the office is also not acceptable.

If you feel like you need to bring a device from work, just talk to your boss.

to be absent without justification

We know that it is not always easy to find a reason for an absence that we really need to give, especially when our children get sick or we have to take care of someone in an emergency mode.

But the truth is that sometimes being absent without any kind of justification can contribute, in the long term, to a dismissal. Therefore, whenever you need to be absent, it is crucial that you present a medical justification or other document for the purpose.

Being nosy and badmouthing people

Gossip and always badmouthing some co-workers will only create a bad atmosphere in your workplace. So, avoid talking about the attitudes and behaviors of others and focus on your roles and the results you have to achieve.

This type of behavior only makes you appear unprofessional and in a short time, you will lose the confidence they have in you.

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