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8 Typical things from day to day that can make your hair fall out

Many people think that hair loss is something that depends on genetics and that nothing can be done about it, but they are wrong. In most cases, hair loss can be treated and there are ways to keep it at bay and that our hair does not disappear.

As in many other aspects, diet also plays a role in hair loss and there are some foods that facilitate hair loss. Removing them from our diet can be a way to start preventing this unwanted loss.

8 Foods that can cause hair loss

1- “Sugar-free” foods

These foods should be avoided as they carry aspartamean artificial sweetener that can cause hair loss and thinning in addition to a host of other health-related symptoms.

2- Food additives


There are many people who are beginning to opt for natural foods and they are not going wrong at all. Some food additives, whether chemical or naturalcan cause hair loss in addition to a series of allergic reactions, endangering your life.

3- Salt


Salt is another of those responsible for shedding more hair than you should. You should not take more than half a tablespoon of this ore.

4- Refreshments


Gas and sugar will get you your hair is dry and that you lose it.

5- Fried foods


Foods high in fat, such as fried foods, should be avoided as saturated fat is associated with high testosterone levels which leads to elevated levels of DHT, a byproduct that causes hair loss.

6- Refined carbohydrates


Foods like white flour and biscuits have lots of sugar and little fiber so the nutrients of other foods are used to facilitate their digestion. They could influence hair loss since sugar inhibits the ability to control stress and this is a very important factor.

7- Milk


It can block the pores, accumulating plaque from the epidermis on the scalp, causing a hair follicle shrinkage and therefore a thinning of the hair.

8- Excessive alcohol


Alcohol in moderation is not a problem but when we drink in excess it can influence hair disorders. The same happens with coffee and tobacco.

It is clear that a poor diet can affect hair loss since having less nutrients, the body will be dedicated to the bodies according to their hierarchy and the hair will be in one of the last positions.

Were you aware that your diet could affect your hair growth?

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