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8 Typical Signs of Alcohol Intolerance You May Be Ignoring

After having a couple of drinks, some people begin to feel symptoms similar to a seizure. vegetovascular dystoniaa allergic reaction or others ailments.

Unfortunately, they often don’t even realize that these unpleasant side effects are caused by alcohol and blame other factors for the problem.

There are 2 types of alcohol intolerance:

Congenital: the body is not genetically prepared to process ethanol and its metabolites.- Acquired: is due to the use of medication, illness or injury.


How are alcohol intolerant people different from others?

Normally, after alcohol enters the blood, ethanol slowly breaks down into acetaldehydewhich is then processed by different enzymes for quite some time.

People with alcohol intolerance have a distortion of the enzyme activity in their body, which means that alcohol breaks down too quickly and acetaldehyde becomes concentrated in the blood to cause various side effects.

Here are 8 signs of alcohol intolerance that you may be ignoring:

1- Fluctuations in blood pressure

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people with high blood pressure they often suffer from throbbing pain in their temples, tinnitus and dizziness. If, on the other hand, blood pressure falls, symptoms may appear as loss of vision, lethargy, and dizziness.

2- Runny nose

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Normally we associate symptoms such as sneezing, having a stuffy nose and feeling short of breath to a common coldHowever, these symptoms can also appear due to an intolerance to alcohol.

The truth is that in the nasal mucus there are numerous capillaries which can become inflamed after exposure to ethanol, making it difficult to breathe and causing the sensation of nasal congestion.

3- Swelling of the extremities

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When alcohol enters the body, ethanol causes a poisoning that causes us to dehydratewhich leads to a failure in the excretory system. As a result, excess fluid accumulates in the tissues and swelling occurs.

4- Migraine

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It’s normal to get headaches when you drink too much, but if you know you didn’t drink to excess and still experience a headache, it may be a sign of alcohol intolerance. In this case, the cause of the migraine would be the release of histamines caused by alcohol.

5- Nausea

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Nausea and vomiting are the most common symptoms of a night of alcohol abuse, however, for those who suffer from alcohol intolerance, these symptoms can appear even after taking a drink. very small amount.

6- Diarrhea

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Most people think that the bouts of diarrhea they are due to bad food although this is not always the case. If you notice that your belly is not as it should after drinking a little alcohol, you may have an intolerance.

7- Redness of the skin

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Skin flushing on the face and body is the most common sign of alcohol intolerance. The Red spots They may initially appear on the face and then spread throughout the body.

8- Increased body temperature

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This symptom is usually attributed to colds or cases of intoxication, but the body temperature it can also increase due to alcohol intolerance.

Now you know what to look out for the next time you go out to a party. Remember to always drink in moderation.

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