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8 Typical mistakes that you usually make daily and habits that you should leave

From an early age, we learn certain things that become habits and what we do unconsciously like brushing our teeth after eating or not being in front of the computer for a long time.

But maybe we have been wrong for a long time and they weren’t as bad things as we thought.

8 Habits That Are Not As Good As We Think

1- Stand away from the microwave

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Many of us think that the microwave is very harmful. However, microwaves do not produce chemicals or ionized radiation, such as X-rays, that can cause DNA damage. On the contrary.

They are designed so that the electromagnetic radiation it produces does not leave the device.

2- Wash any type of food


There are foods such as meat that should not be washed as they you could spread all the bacteria around the kitchen. To eliminate these bacteria you must cook the meat. However, fruits or vegetables should be washed before cutting them.

3- It is bad to cross your legs

legs cross

People have always thought that crossing your legs could lead to varicose veins. However, new studies show that this is not true.

Spending too much time in any position is bad.not just cross-legged.

4- Clean the ears


Our body is a perfect mechanism and has the task of self clean. Earwax is removed on its own, sliding down the ear canals.

For this reason, it is a mistake to clean our ears since, when doing so, we could get the opposite result.

Increased production of earwax. The only thing we have to do about it is gently dab ourselves with a towel after showering.

5- Pull the chain with the lid open


We all know that we should always flush, but many of us do it incorrectly. We must pull the chain with the lid closed since, if the lid is open, bacteria could spread throughout the bathroom.

6- Clean the nose


A stuffy nose is very annoying, but that’s not why you should put your hands to your nose. This could lead to infections due to external bacteria you have on your skin.

Your nose, like your ears, should clean itself.. If you can’t take it anymore and you want to get rid of everything you have in your nose, blow it carefully or wash it with water and salt.

7- Brush your teeth after eating


We should brush our teeth every day, but doing it right after eating could damage our enamel. It is best to do it 30-60 minutes later. Dentists recommend washing your mouth with water or chewing gum to increase saliva and protect enamel.

8- The computer is bad for the eyes


It is clear that our eyes get tired when they spend a lot of time in front of a computer, but your vision may not get worse for that. The only thing that happens when you spend many hours in front of the computer is that you suffer pain in the neck and shoulders and dry eyes.

What do you think? Did you know we had a misconception? Tell us in the comments!

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