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8 Trendy Summer Haircuts You’ll Want to Copy Right Away

The second we have our first 70 degree day, I’m planning my new ‘do’. Summer haircuts are all about light, fun, and breezy styles that you can pull off at a time that won’t make you sweat like crazy when temperatures soar. This summer, the cool girl styles you’ll want to copy are full of bangs (yes, you it should have fringes ), layers, shags and much more. Scroll down to see all the hair inspirations you’ll need this summer:

1. Classic Bob

If there’s any hairstyle we’ve got our eyes on for 2022, it’s the classic bob. Selena Gomez debuted a bob this year that had us craving this classic that really looks good on all hair types, and you can add bangs for extra texture. Turn your straight hair for a Parisian vibe or let its natural texture add lots of volume to curly/frizzy hair.

2. Fine Fringes

Bangs have taken over the hair world in recent years, and we won’t be seeing them come out anytime soon. The 2022 bang is a slimmer style with a lot of movement. All textures can use this style, and it works especially well with fine hair and curls. To model, use a hairdryer is round brush to shape and put them in place.

3. Tinnitus

There’s no better time to dive into a noisy cut than in the heat of summer. If a sweaty neck and forehead don’t sound like your (relatable) vibe, then a crooked cut might be the dream. We love this style in all textures and it works well with all face shapes. Also, if you are lazy when it comes to getting your hair done, this requires zero styling – a dream.

4. Restless skin

Combining two trends in one (thin bangs and layers), this style is for all the cool girls who like to take a risk. This cut came back a few years ago, but we’re going to see it become a little more popular this year, which means now is the time if you want to get in on the trend before it explodes (re: drape bangs).

5. Many layers

Everyone from Barbie Ferreira to Hailey Bieber to Laura Harrier is rocking the long, layered look, and this summer seems like the perfect time to follow the trend. You can still do all your favorite styles (ponytails, half up, braids, etc.) – just with a bouncy 90s twist.

6. Elf

There’s no better time than summer 2022 to go for a pixie. This style is almost always on trend but we are loving it on wavy and curly hair especially now. With lots of texture and volume, it looks fresh and new rather than your grandmother’s custom.

7. Long Locations

protection styles that keep black and brown hair in good shape during the intense summer heat that would normally lead to frizz are a must for a reason. Long faux locs are a cool way to add a fun style to your hair that protects your hair while keeping it trendy. We’re also partial to Chloe Bailey’s summer blonde, but long hair of all shades will be everywhere this summer.

8. Textured lob

If you want a style with lots of movement and bounce for summer, adding lots of layers and texture to your lob will make it look like a summer style. We love this cut because it’s so easy to style quickly. Use a flat iron and curling iron to add some extra curls and shape your hair if you have naturally straight or wavy hair, and curls and coils can use this natural. Easypeasy.

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