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8 Things you surely did not know about the method that prevents us from getting pregnant

Today there is a lot of information about the different contraceptive methods, but, Do you know which is the most reliable?.

From everyone we know, we find that the condom is, in theory, 98% effective, but in reality it is reduced to 85% due to human errors. The same happens with birth control pills, which are 99% safe, but because of failures the figure is reduced to 91%.

IUD: the most reliable and long-lasting contraceptive method

The IUD is a small device that is placed in the woman’s uterus to prevent fertilization. It is T-shaped and is usually made of plastic. The Intrauterine Device has been designated as the best contraceptive method and the most durable with 99% reliability, making it almost foolproof.

Planned Parenthood, one of the largest organizations in charge of informing and raising awareness among the population about contraceptives, states that only 1 in 100 women using IUDs accidentally become pregnant each year.

This is because there is no way for the wearer to make a mistake while using it. There is only the possibility of a medical error, or changes in the body, which are usually minimal.

1- It can be used as an emergency method


Both types of IUDs work in the same way: they prevent pregnancy by changing the way sperm move.

For this reason, if you have unprotected sex or your condom breaks, and you are worried about a possible unwanted pregnancy, you can make an appointment with your doctor and ask him to insert a copper IUD.

If you put it on within 5 days, you can prevent pregnancy with 99.9% effectiveness. For this reason, it can be considered better than the morning after pill, since it has no side effects.

2- They are very durable


Due to the materials that compose it, the IUD can last many years. The copper ones can have a durability of about 12 years, depending on the brand, and the hormonal ones have a life of between 3 and 6 years.

All this can change depending on the brand and the cost of it. The best option is to consult with your gynecologist the options that exist in the market and see which is the best for you.

3- There are two types of IUD


On the one hand, we have the copper IUD and, on the other, the hormonal one. The first is fully or partially covered by an electrolytic copper wire that is placed on top of the uterus. This material is responsible for damaging the sperm and preventing it from fertilizing the egg.

The hormone is similar but without copper. Instead, it releases small amounts of levonorgestrel, a synthetic substance that prevents conception.

4- Does not protect against STDs


Unfortunately, this is one of the great disadvantages of the IUD, and that is that it does not protect against any STD. The recommended thing to avoid this type of diseases is the condom, but if you are confident with the person you are going to have sex with and you are absolutely sure that there will be no problems, there is no need to use it.

5- It is not expensive


Some health insurances cover the IUD. Either way, there are some that are cheaper than others. The most expensive are the hormonal ones, but they all work equally well. Their placement is really quite cheap for the life time they have.

6- It is a simple and fast process


The IUD placement process is quite quick, simple and painless. The doctor only has to insert it until it is correctly positioned in the uterus and no matter where you are in your menstrual cycle or any other factor.

7- It can alter your period

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In the case of the hormonal IUD, can alter your period. You may experience less bleeding or fewer days of menstruation, as is the case with birth control pills. Conversely, the copper IUD may cause your period to be heavier or heavier at first.

8- Does not hinder your life


After the placement of the copper IUD, there are no side effects, that is, you can continue with your normal life. In fact, you can have sex whenever you want. What is true is that in some cases it can cause a bit of discomfortbut nothing that does not disappear after a short time.

However, hormonal IUDs can affect how the body behaves. In case it affects excessively, it is best to consult your doctor and try a better alternative. The good thing about the IUD is that can be removed whenever you wantwithout any problem.

Although the risks of IUD error are minimal, attention should be paid to any noticeable changes, as it may fall or move. It is advisable to visit the gynecologist from time to time to verify that everything is in place.

What do you think of this contraceptive method? Do you know someone who uses it? Tell us in the comments!

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