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8 Things You Shouldn’t Buy Before Black Friday

A few days away, the tension of the impending business can already be felt in the air: the sexta-feira Negra It’s already chasing us in the catalogs and, the stores promise, there are absolutely unmissable discounts waiting for us.

With so many prices threatening to plummet, there are products that inevitably go to the waiting list. These are expensive products (where discounts are more expressive) or that, from previous years’ experience, we know tend to lower their price a lot, and that’s why we advise you not to buy before the famous brand madness day.

Before we start the list, just remember that you won’t be the only one shopping on Black Friday, so plan ahead what you want to buy and where. If you fail to plan and rely on luck, you run the risk of missing out on good deals – neither buy at a discount nor at a normal price, because everything suddenly runs out.

Here’s what not to buy before Black Friday

They are one of the appliances we invest the most in – who doesn’t want a big, high resolution television to lazily watch movies on rainy days? – and that’s why they’re also the ones where a discount comes in handy.

Because they are expensive, televisions tend to have significant discounts on Black Friday promotions (because discounts are, in principle, in percentage, so the higher the original price, the greater the value of the promotion) and it is well worth the worth waiting for them.

On the other hand, these appliances are always in high demand and this makes them sell out at the speed of light. Try to plan ahead and, on the day of the promotions, get straight to the point so you don’t miss the opportunity.

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For the same reason as televisions, computers always have very interesting discounts during the most aggressive promotions. On the other hand, they suffer from the same problem: high demand. Still, you’re more likely to be lucky with a computer than a television, as it’s a technology consumers tend to switch less often.

It is, however, very important to keep an eye on prices if you are thinking of investing in a computer when Black Friday arrives.

Because they are technologies with very variable prices and quickly depreciate, computers are often sold “on sale” on Black Friday at a higher price than what they will have in a few weeks, when the brand launches a new model.

Keep an eye on the brand, anticipate new releases and assess whether it is worth paying what they ask.

They’re the hardest expense to rationally justify, because they’re expensive and, let’s face it, just for fun.

Consoles are the ideal product to buy on Black Friday, because they do not have large price fluctuations and, as they are expensive, they make the discounts very expressive. If you’ve been dating that console full of games for a long time, Black Friday is the ideal time to get into action. It pays to be patient and wait for the big day.

Once again, it is worth bearing in mind that game aficionados will also be very attentive to promotions, especially in the case of recently launched consoles, so it pays to go to the store early if you really don’t want to risk facing huge queues to end up regretting a empty shelf.

This case applies more the greater the investment you are thinking of making. If in the window there is a living room set that interests you, think that 50% of several hundred euros is a discount of several hundred euros as well.

Renovating your home on Black Friday is a great option and can bring you a lot of jealousy deals, so it’s worth the wait.

Unlike technologies, furniture isn’t the most popular product on a Black Friday, so you can opt for a calmer, more thoughtful approach. The only caveat is that small pieces (pictures, office chairs, decorations) are the first to sell out, because the purchase is not so thoughtful.

Have you ever thought about buying your wedding clothes on a Black Friday? Most people don’t either, and that’s a huge plus for you. Like all other stores, establishments that sell party clothes also adhere to Black Friday, so take advantage.

Again, the more expensive the clothes, the greater the discount applied – that’s why we suggest wedding dresses, but the wait is worth it for any outfit you need to buy.


Big (and expensive) toys

If you’re thinking about buying a Barbie doll, we can tell you right now that it’s not worth standing in line for hours. If, on the other hand, you have your eye on that outfit that weighs in your pocket, the conversation changes shape.

More expensive toys can make up for a wait until Black Friday. Make a note of the product and where you want to buy from and, of course, record the original price. Stores rarely leave kids out of Black Friday deals… and it doesn’t hurt if adults take advantage of them too.

An unusual purchase, but full of advantages if you wait for the right time. Keep in mind that when you buy travel, you often do the business on the Internet – and rarely on websites of Portuguese companies.

This means that, in addition to the modest discounts we have in Portugal, you can take advantage of real bargains from companies around the world, namely those where Black Friday is a true tradition and prices drop dramatically.

In addition, in some cases you can take advantage of the time difference and get to the site before consumers at home, at a time when nothing has yet been chosen. The wait can earn you a real dream vacation at a bargain price.


large home appliances

Medium demand target, large appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.) are well worth a little patience.

Because they are products with high prices, they make the discounts appealing. On the other hand, they are utilities that you would end up buying anyway. If you were going to end up buying it, then you might as well buy it at a discount.

Black Friday is a real mine of opportunities, so it’s really worth having patience and saving some shopping for that time. Choose what you want and what you need, save the budget for the big day and prepare an action plan. The more efficient it is, the better the reward!

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