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8 things you shouldn’t accept in a relationship

A relationship requires respect, lasting commitment, communication, a solid foundation and good habits! Discover 8 bad habits that show something is wrong in a relationship.

The couple is also alliance between the partners’ balance and complementarity. If this balance is not respected, there is little chance that the relationship will survive for years, or even after a few months! Or at least, if things don’t change. Here they are 8 bad habits that should be avoided or not accepted in the couple .

1. Lack of openness

Questioning requires self-confidence. Be able to accept different ways of seeing things , and accepting the other without criticism or judgment, is not so obvious. In a relationship, openness is essential.

Why? Why we show that we listen to our partner and even if we don’t agree with what the other is saying, we respect their words and we don’t need to discuss them. It is also a demonstration of emotional maturity, as you cannot always agree on everything. If you don’t feel accepted in your relationship from different points of view, it is necessary to ask yourself questions and discuss them.

2. The other person doesn’t keep his promises

Promises are commitments, but surely you’ve noticed that not all of us value them the same way: not all of us give equal importance to promises. Nonetheless, when we don’t keep a promise, we disappoint the other who will gradually lose confidence in us if this dynamic repeats itself.

The long-term consequence? The lack of trust in the other, and trust, we remember, is one of the pillars of the couple.

3. The other person underestimates you

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Nobody is perfect, not even you. Being in a relationship means accept the other like him is – flaws included – and cherish it for its true worth. If you’re with this person, it’s because you found so many qualities in her that made you fall in love.

if the other person doesn’t value you, if the other person doesn’t give you the right value, the value you deserve , so it’s important to ask yourself about the sincerity of her feelings. Why? Because when feelings are mutual, the esteem that one has for the other is not even mentioned.

4. The other person wants to change you

Feeling good and satisfied in your relationship also means show who you really are and feel free to do so . You have to feel comfortable. Some arrive very quickly, others take a little longer. Regardless of the moment (which can be subjective), the important thing is that it happens.

Your qualities, your flaws, your facial expressions are part of you and that’s what makes it special, that’s what makes it fascinating! You are a unique person, so don’t accept that the other person wants to change you or make you someone else.

5. The person encourages discussions

Arguments are obviously part of life together, we know that, even if arguing or arguing is not pleasant at all. But beware: if he does nothing but foment arguments, does nothing but talk about your fights even when they are already over, you should ask yourself a question: Is he trying to unknowingly sabotage our relationship? Perhaps he is unconsciously trying to hurt you or destroy your relationship.

6. The other person tells you lies

Hiding things from the other person can be very harmful in the long run. Of course, we’re not talking about hiding a romantic weekend plan to surprise each other and surprise you with a little lie. Let’s talk about something else: pathological lying is a plague, and the only solution is to advise your partner to talk to a professional about it . Lying is destructive. Ask yourself questions.

7. The other person is not listening to you

Communication is the base of everything : is one of the pillars of the couple. Why? Why allows us to share expectations, desires and all those things that happen to us every day that we feel the need to share. Our partner must listen to us and be supportive.

If he doesn’t listen, or if he doesn’t listen very little, it means he’s not paying attention to you and that in his eyes you may be insignificant .

8. Push the limits

Every couple needs to talk about the limits established from the beginning of the stable relationship . In other words, what is acceptable and what is not: infidelity, jealousy, friendships, etc. Once these limits are established, respect for the other is essential for the relationship to be healthy. And while the notion of respect is specific and different for each member of the couple, it’s important not to threaten the other person’s beliefs and principles.

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