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8 Table Placement Games for Easter – Metro Mode

There are many of us who have longed for big and festive events after the last two years! If you are planning a larger party for the Easter holidays, you can take the opportunity to get the mood started with the help of a fun table placement game! Below we list a whole bunch!

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There can sometimes be a slightly stiff atmosphere right at the start of a party, before everyone has had time to get warm in their clothes. Especially after two years where the social life has been on a low flame (to say the least.) Get the party atmosphere going right away with the help of a fun game, where chance decides who will be your table neighbor!

Balloon game

Half of the party’s names are written on slips of paper, then put into balloons and inflated. Let the other half of the guests throw darts at the balloons, the balloon you pop becomes your table lady/groom during the evening.

The Cinderella game

Half of the guests take off their shoes and put them in a pile, the other half pick each shoe and try to find the right foot.

Who am I?

The pairs are given a note with the name of an animal, (there should be two of each.) They then find each other by sounding like that animal.

Movie lines

The couples get slips of paper where one gets a movie title and the other gets a movie quote, then they have to try to pair up.

Famous couple

The pairs are given slips of paper with the name of one half of a known pair and must then be paired accordingly. It can be done based on different themes, such as “the world of movies,” “historical couples,” or “the gossip press.”

When did what happen?

The pairs get slips, one gets a year and the other an event, to then get the story right. Which events go with which years?

Singing time

The couples receive notes with different songs. By singing the song, they will then find each other. This is also a game that can be made based on different genres of music.


The pairs get slips of paper with half of a proverb on them, they must then try to find the one that complements their particular proverb, it’s harder than you might think!

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