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8 Quick Foot Tricks That Always Work

The feet They are one of the most delicate parts of our body. Whether it is due to excessive exercise, because we walk a lot or because of the type of footwear we use, our feet suffer all kinds of problems some getting really annoying.

It is worth noting the appearance of calluses due to rubbing, cracked heels due to dryness or hardness of all kinds. There are numerous Natural medicine that help to easily eliminate all these problems without the need to resort to chemical products.

Here we show you:

1- Liquorice and mustard oil

Licorice is a powerful agent against infections and various kinds of pain. The page The Fit Indian recommends taking two licorice sticks and grinding them until they can be mixed with mustard oil to create a paste. Apply this paste on your heel and bandage the foot so that it acts during the night.

2- Chamomile and epsom salt

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Apart from being very efficient, this mixture is nutritious and it has a nice smell. It is used for the effective healing of calluses as well as to prevent them. You just have to add a little epsom salt to a basin with water for your feet and chamomile. Soak your feet for 10 minutes, then use a pumice stone to smooth or remove calluses.

3- Pineapple

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The enzymes contained in this fruit help smooth calluses and eliminate them. It’s as easy as fixing a piece of pineapple rind on the affected area and letting it act overnight. The next day, rub with a pumice stone and all the cracks in your heels will be gone too.

4- Baking soda and hot water

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It’s one of the best known remedies and easy to do. You just have to soak your feet in hot water mixed with three tablespoons of baking soda. Another solution with these same ingredients is to create a paste using three parts of baking soda and one part of water to spread on the affected part.

5- Bread

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Is one of the most effective at the same time surprising. Soak a slice of stale bread in apple cider vinegar and place the soaked bread on your affected area. It will make the calluses disappear.

6- Onion

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Place an onion in a bowl and soak it in white vinegar to marinate for a full day. Put the onion overnight on your feet and it will soften the calluses and you can easily remove them.

7- Lemon

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You will need the lemon peel for this remedy. Apply it directly to your heel and leave it on overnight to improve your cracked heels. If you use it every night you will help to soften the calluses.

8- Castor oil and apple cider vinegar

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Soak your feet in a hot soapy water bath with a little apple cider vinegar. Use a pumice stone to remove impurities, then apply castor oil to already softened skin. Apply this treatment for 10 days to completely eliminate calluses.

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