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8 pairs of socks and underwear to give away this Christmas

For the aunts and grandmothers out of ideas, we’ve put together the best socks and underwear to give away this Christmas – and the suggestions are really good!

We went in search of the best socks and underpants to offer this Christmasbecause we know very well that there are many aunts, grandmothers, mothers, and even boyfriends and girlfriends who like to gift their loved ones with underwear.

The good part is that in addition to being a useful gift, nowadays there are many beautiful pieces to choose from, and that will make the recipient happy.

However, keep in mind that socks and underwear are a good gift only if you are intimate with the person. If you are an acquaintance or a distant relative, prefer to offer chocolates or even a perfume.

Ready to rip a smile the size of the world to the one you love the most?

Socks and underwear to give away this Christmas: the 8 best

For her


If you have a niece, a daughter or even a cold daughter-in-law, and you don’t know what to get her this Christmas, why not bet on some cashmere socks?
Soft, comfortable and very warm, these have glitter and are a very useful gift to add to the tree.



Want to surprise your sexy girlfriend this Christmas? So, this red lace thong is really a good bet among the socks and panties to offer. In addition to being very sexy, it’s sure to make her smile from ear to ear, since she’ll already have some new panties to wear on New Year’s Eve. But of course, don’t offer the gift in front of the whole family, to avoid possible embarrassment.


women's secret panties pack

Women’s Secret

A good Christmas present suggestion is also the packs of underwear. This one, from Women’s Secret, brings seven in different colors, and with phrases.
Whether it’s for your daughter, nieces or cousins, this is that useful gift that a person always needs.
And the best: it’s not too expensive.


hmm socks


In truth, socks always come in handy, especially in winter. In that sense, if you want to give away some, why not bet on this pack of ten?
All black, you really can’t go wrong. After all, everyone needs socks.


Secret Santa at Christmas

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For him

boxer pack


It doesn’t matter if it’s to offer to grandchildren, nephews or children: boxers are always a good idea.
Like all the other suggestions, they are a very useful gift and, for that very reason, bring the certainty that the person who receives them will use them.
In that sense, if you are looking for a cheap and useful gift, you have just found it.



Pack of fun socks


If you have a man in your life with a cheerful and fun personality, you’ll really want to offer him this pack of printed and themed socks. In addition to being fun, the pack comes in a box that has already been designed to present to the men you love the most, and that can be saved later to put other things.



Plaid cotton slip


Do you want to surprise your better half with some unusual underwear? So, give him these checkered ones from Intimissimi.
With a Christmas air that goes well with the season, they are the ideal gift for everyone who forgets to buy underwear at this time of year.


intimissimi long socks


Long socks are essential for the coldest of men. So, if you have one in your life and you don’t know what to give them this Christmas, these are really a good idea. After all, what man doesn’t need socks?


As you can see, there is no shortage of pretty quality socks and underwear to offer this Christmas. Ready to make the one you love the most happy?

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