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8 options for every purse and ear

The old record player and the inimitable sound of vinyl are back. Embark on this fad that offers an unrivaled acoustic experience in the digital world.

You record player survived the fashions and digital revolutions of recent years.

They are back at the home of many audiophiles who can’t do without analog sound and imperfect of vinyl, and which are guaranteed to be of superior quality to digital sound.

If you’re from the time when turntables animated your adolescence, proceed directly to our purchase choices.

If you’ve just arrived in the world of vinyl, it’s worth taking a look at the specifics of these devices, their rotations, platters, arms and needles.

Turntables: How do they work?

A turntable has a turntable base and a sound column (amplifier) ​​built-in or external. On this revolving base, commonly called a platter, a soft mat, made of rubber or other material that does not scratch the disc, is placed.

The vinyl record is placed on this mat, which can be small, a single (7 inches), or larger, an LP-album (12 inches). There is also a third format, rarer, which corresponds to the oldest discs created between 1898 and the end of the 50s of the 20th century, and which is between these two sizes (10 inches).

The format of the disk will influence the choice of speed at which the platter will spin to play it. There are 3 preset rotation speeds: 45 and 33 RPM, for single or LP respectively, or 75 RPM, for older vinyls.

Once the motor that makes the turntable with the vinyl on it rotate is activated, a mechanical arm with a needle at the end descends on the record manually or automatically. This stylus lands on the circular creases that exist on the surface of vinyl records. As the record player’s arm and needle follow the shapes of the record’s grooves, covering its entire surface, the needle will vibrate, extracting the necessary information to reproduce the recorded sound.

Turntables: our choices

There are turntable options for every purse and every requirement. Devices with manual or automatic arms, with a diamond or ceramic needle, with wooden or metal housings. The choice is varied and we have selected a small sample so that you can start your adventure in the world of vinyl.


With a portable design, in the shape of a vintage suitcase, which can be in different colors or made of wood, this turntable can play vinyl, but also convert your old music into a WAV file.

Price:from €45



You can listen to music in your living room, but also decorate it thanks to this option’s wooden box with a vintage design. It has built-in speakers, but it also allows you to add an external speaker.
Like the previous option, it mixes the old with the new. Via Bluetooth it also allows you to switch from vinyl to digital.

Price:from €69.99

audio technique

Audio-Technica AT-LP60XUSB

With a modern design, this automatic arm turntable guarantees stability and quality in the reproduction of your vinyl.
It maintains the double functionalities, vinyl/digital, and allows a direct connection to your computer.

Price:from €140


Sony PS-LX310BT

The minimalist and elegant style of this device combines the simplicity of appearance with the ease of control.
It has automatic playback and is very simple to activate and combine with the other smart devices in the house.

Price:from €199

technical audio

Audio-Technica AT-LP120X

This brand prides itself on its experience with analogue sound and offers different equipment for different types of users.
As we enter the top-of-the-range devices on the vinyl player market, this option will not disappoint the most demanding.

Price:from €279


Denon DP-300F

A good and robust design, comes together with a great quality of materials used to create this turntable. One of the best value-quality ratios of our choices.

Price:from €334


Yamaha MusicCast Vinyl 500

The music giant could not leave behind its bet on the future, but bringing the past in tow.
A modern design, full of technical qualities and that never fails to embrace new technologies.

Price:from €499


Rega Planar 3 + Elys 2

There is nothing vintage, except for the sound it reproduces, in this modern and elegant version created by the English brand that has been manufacturing hi-fi systems since the 1980s.
The best value for money of our suggestions.

Price:from €745

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