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8 important signs you can see in your hair about your health

In general, we think that the state of our hair: its shine, strength,… depends on how we take care of it, the products we use and genetics.

However, and although it sounds a bit curious, certain symptoms related to our hair can reveal that there is something wrong with our body.

What can your hair tell you about your state of health?

1- Hair loss

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It is normal to lose around 100 hairs a day. The easiest way to check is to run your fingers over your head, dragging them from the roots to the tips.

If your state of health is excellent, between 0 and 2 hairs should appear; if all goes well between 3 and 5; but if there are more, there is something wrong.

hair loss is related to the endocrine or immune system. It can also be a sign of diabetes, a lack of vitamins, or a result of stress.

2- Fine and brittle hair

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Fine, brittle hair can be the result of lack of protein, which affects our skin, nails and hair. If this occurs, it is recommended to eat more protein food sources, as well as more fruit and omega-3 fatty acids. But these symptoms can also be a sign of something more serious like Cushing’s disease.

3- Dandruff

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Dandruff can be caused by many causes: excessive use of hair care products, diets low in fat and carbohydrates, stress, gastrointestinal tract problems or immunodeficiency. If the dandruff is yellowish, it could be seborrheic dermatitis, a dermatological pathology that is quite difficult to eliminate.

4- Dull hair

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Although the abuse of the curling iron or the iron, or the low winter temperatures make the hair dull and lifeless, this can also be due to the fact that your body needs selenium, sulfur and phosphorus.

5- Dry hair and split ends

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In addition to the very frequent use of the dryer, the hair also dries out due to the lack of protein, iron and copper. This problem usually occurs in people who follow strict diets and suffer from endocrine system problems.

6- Itchy scalp

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If this symptom is accompanied by others such as pimples, sores, peeling skin on the head or other types of skin irritation, you should see a doctor to rule out that you have psoriasis or eczema.

However, if it is not accompanied by any other symptoms, it may be due to a nervous system disorder caused by stress.

7- Premature aging

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On average, women start to have gray hair between the ages of 30 and 40. However, there are cases in which they occur younger and even when they are adolescents. Premature aging is often the result of severe stress, chronic fatigue, or even a poor diet.

8- Oily hair

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Oily hair is often an indication that your diet is not healthy enough and that you are consuming too much animal fat. But if this is not your case, it may also be due to metabolism problems, hormonal failure or liver problems.

Did you know that these symptoms could indicate these health problems? Tell us in the comments!

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