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8 Images of Karina García, the Colombian warrior with measures that take away the hiccups of her fans

Karina García is a young Colombian that has aroused the interest of many netizens for his measurements and his incredible physique.

But it is also a great example of Warrior woman since she is always willing to fight to achieve her goals, whatever the cost.

This influencer involves her followers in many decisions about her style and does not hesitate to ask their opinion on each style change she decides to make.

Upload photos to Instagram very frequently and she takes selfies so that her followers don’t forget about her and can enjoy her day to day.

Karina García and her little revolution on Instagram

Along with the photos that he uploads to his Instagram account, he loves to include deep thoughts, reflections about his experience and unspeakable secrets, something that fascinates his followers.

To get that impressive physique, Karina has had to perform many exercise sessions. He is usually very persevering since he is aware of the effort he must make if he wants to achieve it.

The young woman knows that she is very attractive and therefore He loves to pose in front of the cameras., even if it has to steal the limelight from other much more famous people. She knows how to turn heads and is very photogenic.

Your professional career does not end here. Karina has collaborated in some projects of the musical world like, for example, a video clip of a Colombian singer named Farina.

Such is her talent and her beauty that many people who know her wonder if she could become the future miss Colombia 2019. We cannot know this, but it would be a deserved reward for all the effort made.

What do you think? Has the young woman’s physique impressed you? Tell us in the comments!

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Source and cover image: Karina Garcia

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