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8 Christmas gifts for the fashionista friend

Are you looking for Christmas gifts for your fashionista friend? We’ve put together suggestions to make you smile from ear to ear.

Christmas is right around the corner and that’s why we went in search of christmas gifts for fashionista friend?? It’s just, we all have one, don’t we? Friend, sister, cousin, mother-in-law or even aunt, there is always that elegant and well-dressed woman who makes us want to like fashion, right?

So, from shoes to bags, not forgetting coats, jewelry, watches and all the accessories a fashion lover needs, these are the gifts that any fashionista would love to receive. They are beautiful, elegant gifts that will remain in the memory of those who receive them. See below and get inspired. Will offer the best gift this Christmas!

Christmas gifts for the fashionista friend: the 8 infallible


Gold plated necklace

Massimo Dutti

The robust chains are back and promise to parade with the fashionistas. This one is gold plated, so that it never loses its original color and shine.



Cinco is a Portuguese brand loved by anonymous women and fashionistas. With silver pieces for all tastes, these earrings promise to be best friends for women with good taste. So, if you want to surprise your fashionista friend this Christmas, take the opportunity to make her smile from ear to ear. They’re on sale.


Massimo Dutti

Don’t know what to buy for your fashionista friend? Feeling out of ideas? Bet on this scarf printed in silk. In addition to being a good choice to give a special touch to the most neutral looks, it is perfect to use in any season of the year. It’s never been so easy to surprise your friends at Christmas, without spending a fortune.



Maxi bracelets are a trend and, if you want to surprise a good friend, but you really don’t have to spend a lot, take advantage of this one from Zara for less than 20€. Just make a nice wrap and wait for the smile from ear to ear, as soon as she opens it.


christmas secret friend

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If your friend is a fashionista, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this new product from the Havaianas brand for winter. The iconic rubber sole remains, but it is the straps that give the world’s most famous flip-flops a new look – they are wrapped in synthetic leather, warm and soft. The ideal Christmas gift to make your home look stylish. Do you still have doubts that your fashionista friend will love it?



Headbands are a striking accessory that most fashionistas, driven by the Gossi girl character, Blair Waldorf, love. So, if you’re out of ideas and need a cheap gift, there’s nothing better than giving your heart friend a pretty headband. We are sure she will love it and use it a lot.



Scarf with embroidered letter


Do you want to offer something that your fashionista friend loves, but you have a very tight budget? Go to Primark. There you will find several pieces that will please the most fashionistas – and for a very friendly price. This scarf makes a perfect gift. Ready to surprise your friend more than anything?



It is a fashion classic and the bestselling book within the genre. Illustrated with drawings and photographs, this is the perfect gift for the fashionista friend! Christian Dior unravels style secrets in his guide – from what to wear for a ceremony to knowing how to tie a scarf, and there are even tips on how to walk gracefully.
This is a special edition, with a cloth cover.


As you can see, there is no shortage of good Christmas gift ideas for your fashionista friend. Have you chosen yours yet?

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