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70’s wallpaper in decoration

O 70’s wallpaper in decoration is super high in the decoration area. This type of finish is capable of making the walls charming, modern and sophisticated. Easy to apply and available for sale in several models, wallpaper adds personality to the environment and instantly transforms the aesthetics of a room.

The 70s wallpaper has colorful and psychedelic motifs. (Photo: Disclosure)

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70’s wallpaper in decor

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THE wallpaper application turns out to be one of the best strategies to end the monotony of an environment. The material is able to cover the vertical space with prints and illustrations that make the place livelier and more dynamic. Decorating with wallpaper is also a great opportunity to reinforce a certain style, such as retro.

You 70’s wallpapers are succeeding, especially among consumers who appreciate the nostalgic feeling🇧🇷 The prints rescued from this time make the traditional white walls look more cheerful, colorful and dynamic.

THE 70’s print can compose the decoration of several residential environments, such as living room, dining room, entrance hall, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The finish will bring out colorful and psychedelic motifs to revive the spirit of the 70’s, marked mainly by the hippie influence🇧🇷

The 70s wallpaper reinforces the retro aesthetic. (Photo: Disclosure)

Some wallpaper brands already consider the 70’s as their main inspiration, as is the case with Carpet Der70er🇧🇷 The German company has in its catalog more than 500 retro printswhich invoke different colors and traits to please all tastes.

All TapetenDer70er wallpapers are influenced by the culture of the 70’s, but even so they are divided into categories such as Surrealism, Romantic, Abstract, Glamorous and Floral. The German brand’s products vary in terms of material type, and can be made of plain paper, fleece and vinyl.

Some versions of wallpaper from the 70s are so complete that they manage to remain intact in environments with humidity, that is, they are water resistant. As for prices, they range from 20 to 60 euros.

Where to buy wallpaper from the 70’s?

Brazilian consumers interested in reviving the retro aesthetic through home decor can access 70’s Wallpaper webshop🇧🇷 The site features a variety of models and even offers a tool to calculate how much paper will be needed for finishing. On which pattern to choose, there is the possibility of requesting a sample, with a cost of 0.50 EUR.

Login 70’s Wallpaper and happy shopping.

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