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70’s inspired furniture

You 70’s inspired furniture are capable of rescuing the decoration trends that were successful over 40 years ago. With this, the look of each room in the house has the chance to gain a charming retro touch. Read the article to know more details about this furniture.

Furniture inspired by the 70’s. (Illustrative Photo)

Several designers look for inspiration in the past to be able to design current furniture. Recently, Ronald Sasson presented a line entirely inspired by the 70’s. Through his work, he brought out the most striking 70’s features, suited to the most modern materials and functional elements.

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What this article covers:

70’s inspired furniture

The furniture is colorful and with futuristic designs. (Ilustrative Photo)

The World of Tribes highlighted some characteristics that appear in the 70’s inspired furniture🇧🇷 Check out:

Plastic or acrylic furniture

After being forgotten for a long time, plastic or acrylic furniture is back. These pieces became established in the 70s as a “modern” way of decorating the house, breaking with the traditional wood or acrylic.

In the 1970s, houses considered modern were decorated with acrylic chairs and tables. The strong and vibrant colors were committed to leaving each room in the house with more personality and attitude.

The beauty of furniture with strong colors. (Ilustrative Photo)

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Furniture made from natural materials

The hippie movement exerted influence on music, cinema, fashion and also on decoration. People began to value furniture made from natural materials, such as wicker. It was a way of respecting nature and setting up the house more consciously. Alternative materials, which were introduced in the 1970s, continue to set trends to this day.

Tubular and chrome furniture

Tubular and chrome furniture also stood out in the decor of the 70s, breaking with the characteristics of furniture from the 50s and 60s. These pieces were so successful that, even today, they serve as inspiration for several collections.

Chrome furniture. (Ilustrative Photo)

Furniture with stick feet are true icons of the retro style, however, they are more associated with the 1950s. colorful. In this way, it is possible to value psychedelia, one of the most striking trends of the 70s.

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Now you know good options for 70’s inspired furniture🇧🇷 Incorporate these pieces into your home’s layout and give the rooms a retro feel. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other articles about decoration.

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