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+70 Ways To Earn Money Fast And Easy

Looking for ways to earn easy and fast money thanks to the Internet? Do you want ideas to make money with your current resources? Do you need fast money?

 Here is the solution to Earn Money Easy And Fast.

  • You can always ask for a credit or a loan from a bank or a friend when you need fast money, but today and thanks to the Internet it is easier than ever to earn money online easily and quickly since we can reach the whole world and the tools and means online are more accessible and easier to use than ever.
  • Setting up an automated business is more complex and takes more time. It is what I explain in my courses , but to begin with, these ways can allow you to generate enough income with a little dedication as well as being a source of ideas to earn money and generate immense income.
earn money online easy and fast

Below I leave you the best ways and ideas to earn easy and fast money from today thanks to the Internet using your current resources.

You can always ask for a credit or a loan from a bank or a friend when you need fast money, but today and thanks to the Internet it is easier than ever to earn money online easily and quickly since we can reach the whole world and the tools and means online are more accessible and easier to use than ever.

Below I leave you the best 70 plus ways and ideas to earn easy and fast money from today thanks to the Internet using your current resources.

Rent one or more rooms in your house 

(Earn between €300 and €1,500/month): One of the best ways to earn quick and easy money. You can take some good photos and advertise it on Idealista , Fotocasa , Badi or Airbnb .

Rent your car 

(Earn around €300/month): Thanks to Getaround (formerly Drivy) you can rent your car for hours or days and earn money. Even with the opening system from the mobile it is not necessary for you to intervene. It’s like building your own Zity, Wible, Emov or Car2go.

Share a car

 (Earn about €150/month): Thanks to Blablacar you can share your car on your trips and routes to work and earn money sharing a car .

Rent your motorhome 

(Earn up to €10,000/year): From indiecampers.es you can rent your motorhome and earn a lot of money while you don’t use it.

Work with your car, truck or motorcycle

 (Earn about €1,500/month): You can work for Uber or Cabify transporting people or delivering packages with Amazon Flex or Seur . You can also be a food delivery person with Glovo or Uber Eats . You can even offer moving service.

Put advertising on your car 

(Earn about €300/month): You can register your car to put ads on websites such as Impactodual , Wrapify , Serbecar or Carvertise (in English).

Rent your parking space 

(Earn around €50/month): If you have a parking space, you can rent it from Idealista , Fotocasa . Also for hours from Elparking , Parkfy or putting up a sign in the area.

Rent your pool

 (Earn about €300/month): You can rent your pool from Swimply.com .

Change your mortgage

 (Earn about €100/month): Here you have the Idealista mortgage comparator . And it is that on many occasions we are paying more than we owe. It is also important to take into account the time and costs of cancellations in addition to reading the small print well.

Sell ​​things you don’t use

 (Earn about €50/month): Sell games, books, electronics with Wallapop , Vibbo or your clothes with Vinted .

Invest in the stock market

 (Earn about €500/month): Buy and sell shares in different markets using Trading. Become a Broker. For this you must know a lot about finances and investments because if you do not have advanced knowledge you will lose money. You can use platforms like InteractiveBrokers , Degiro or Revolut . Beware of trading apps that use Forex, Leveraged CFDs or Binary Options and you don’t actually buy the stock.

Buy and sell domains and websites

 (Earn about €300/year): Buy and sell domains at Sedo.com or Flippa.com . To buy cheap domains I recommend Namecheap .

Create apps or games

(Earn about €300/year): You can create apps from Goodbarber or games . Tools like Stencyl , Gdevelop or Gamemaker allow you to create mobile games without programming . Others like Unity allow you to create games and monetize with advertising directly. You must have previous knowledge but today it is easier than ever and even with different tools it is not necessary to have programming knowledge.

Work as a tour guide or local guide

(Earn around €700/month): You can sign up for Freetour or Viator and start teaching your city and offering plans while earning money.

Offer online experiences 

(Earn about €500/month): Faced with the new situation in which we find ourselves, Airbnb decided to quickly adapt by launching a new online experience service . Explain how to host a Christmas dinner, make pasta with Grandma live, or get people to solve the mystery of an Escape Room.

Sell ​​t-shirts or designs online 

(Earn about €100/month): Create your own t-shirt designs, logos, cards, posters and sell them with Spreadshirt . You can also sell your crafts on websites like Etsy and create your designs on 99designs , Designcrowd , or Zazzle .

Sell ​​photos and videos online 

(Earn about €300/month): If you like photography, you can sell photos online and earn money with websites like Shutterstock .

Use Affiliate Marketing (Earn about €500/month): Earn money by recommending products, services, courses, books, etc. You get a commission per sale through a special link to follow up. You can recommend these products or services in articles on your blog, on YouTube, using email marketing, in WhatsApp or Telegram groups… that is, using digital marketing techniques without spamming. Many websites such as Amazon , Booking or Hotmart offer an affiliate program to sign up and recommend a service, product, course, hotel and get a commission for sales. I have a lesson in my Triunfacontublog coursesfor you to learn how to use it. There are websites like Tradedoubler or Awin that collect many companies that offer affiliate marketing to have them all in one place.

Earn money with Instagram 

(Earn about €300/month): No need to have your own products or services. Today Instagram pays you to stream (up to $150 per stream) or add ads to your IGTV videos. You can also use a very effective and easy to apply method thanks to this Masterclass .

Being an influencer

 (Earn about €600/month): Depending on the number of followers, your audience, the engagement and the content you share on social networks, you can earn money being an influencer. Here I explain how to earn money being an influencer .

Create a blog

 (Earn about €500/month): Write sponsored articles for websites like Publisuites or Coobis , use affiliate systems, offer products and services… Creating a blog requires time and effort if you want to get recurring income but having the right knowledge you can create a blog with a couple of articles and launch it in less than 48 hours. If it is done strategically and a landing page is created by putting paid traffic, income can be generated in a very short time.

Create a YouTube channel 

(Earn about €150/month): Publish video tutorials of tools and earn money with ads and affiliation.

Create a Podcast

 (Earn up to €700/month): Publish episodes and earn money thanks to Anchor with Spotify, Spreaker that pays about $2 for every 1,000 listeners, or ivoox with its private episode subscription payment systems. You can also find sponsors and offer services and products.

Sell ​​gold and jewelry 

(Earn about €150/month): If you have jewelry at home you can sell it in pawnshops or places dedicated to it.

Sell ​​the furniture

(Earn about €150/month): Surely you have cabinets, tables, chairs that you don’t use or don’t need.

Surveys, opinions, usability tests, watch videos, read, share or perform online tests 

(Earn about €50/month): They usually pay very little and a lot of time is wasted, but it is another option offered by Usertesting , Intellizoom , Uxline , Centrodeopinion. es , Gifthunterclub or even Google Opinion Rewards . It is one of the options that I least recommend.

earn money with surveys

Extra or extra in movies or advertisements 

(Earn about €150/month): You can sign up on websites such as Casting.es or Agenciadefigurantes.es .

Work in fast food restaurants 

(Earn about €1,000/month): You can work in pizzerias like Telepizza, hamburger restaurants like Burger King or Mc Donald’s and other fast food restaurants where you don’t need experience and hiring is very fast.

Handyman at home

 (Earn about €600/month): Offer your handyman service with Taskrabbit to assemble furniture, fix taps, hang lamps, clean houses… Also interior designer, carpentry, architecture, plumbing… with Houzz .

Recommend TikTok 

(Earn about €50/month): You can recommend the TikTok app and for each person who installs it you can earn up to €9. You can see the functionality and the link in your profile.

Create challenges with WhatsApp or Telegram

 (Earn about €100/month): Thanks to messaging apps and social networks, we can create challenges with which to teach something and then sell a product or service, both ours and that of other people, and thus generate income.

Create an online course 

(Earn around €600/month): It may take more time but you can create your own online course in a couple of days in Beta format.

Teach languages ​​online

 (Earn about €600/month): You can teach English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese… and earn money with Verbling or Italki . It is advisable to have the appropriate degree. If you don’t want to create your own website, you don’t have a community , you don’t want to invest in advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads or Google Ads, you don’t want to learn Digital Marketing and the technological part is a nuisance for you, these types of options are very interesting, especially for start without investment to generate your first income . Remember to differentiate yourself by specializing and looking for a specific audience. For example English for business or English with a British accent. Check the rest of the teachers and identify why some charge more than others.

Recommend your bank

 (Earn about €200/year): Sometimes banks like ING Direct launch the ” friend plan ” with which if a friend opens a Payroll account through you, you both receive €50. You can send a message in WhatsApp groups to notify. They only have to give your DNI to receive the money at the time of opening the account. I’m from ING so if you dare let me know.

Personal trainer 

(Earn around €600/month): Offer your service as a personal trainer, nutritionist or physiotherapist
at Entrenair . Thanks to this website you can find clients more quickly. You must have the appropriate degree and this, of course, requires time, effort and money, but on the Internet you can offer online services with which you can earn much more money thanks to your knowledge.

Become an online expert answering questions

 (Earn about €2,000/month): Offer your expert answers to customer questions as a doctor with doctoralia . Also if you are a mechanic, veterinarian, IT, electrician, financier, for legal issues… with Justanswer . If you are a psychologist you can offer online sessions with TherapyChat .

Create an online store

 (Earn about €1,000/month): You can set up your online store selling on Amazon itself , with your own online store with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, or use Dropshipping with Oberlo . These options are more time consuming and involve complex logistical and legal issues when selling physical products.

Walk dogs 

(Earn about €400/month): On websites such as Paseaperros..com , Rover , Dogbuddy or Gudog you can offer your dog walking services.

Take care of children (babysitting) or the elderly 

 Work as a babysitter

(Earn about €500/month): Work as a babysitter thanks to Care or Sitly .

Create an event 

(Earn about €1,500/year): Both online and in person. Look for sponsors and charge admission. Use Meetup or Eventbrite . A successful event can be mounted in a few days if you eliminate unnecessary tasks.

Cheap gasoline

(Earn about €30/month): Plan each time you need to refuel your car or motorcycle by choosing the cheapest gas stations to save more than 20%. For this you can use apps like GasAll .

Earn or buy cryptocurrencies

 (Earn about €300/month): Although today there is a lot of volatility with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, it can be a good investment and a way to earn money fast. Also from Coinbase you can earn cryptocurrencies simply by watching videos and they pay about $2 in cryptocurrencies per 2-minute video watched thanks to their system “ Earn cryptocurrencies while learning about them “.

Create your own bank 

(Earn about €300/month): Thanks to Crowdlending you can lend money to companies and startups to launch new projects and earn profits for it with Bnext . And thanks to cryptocurrencies you can create your own bank to offer credits or loans in the form of cryptocurrencies to other users with platforms like Crypto and earn interest of up to 12% with the “Crypto Earn” option.

Cheap trips 

(Earn around €100/month): During the holidays, money flies. To have a much cheaper quality vacation, use websites like SkyScanner to find flights at the best price, Booking.com or CentraldeReservas.com to book cheap hotels (you get discounts from the links)

Exchange your home 

(Earn about €100/month): At Holidayswap and Homeexchange you can exchange your home to stay from $1/night around the world and have an incredible vacation without spending on accommodation.

Work fast and cheap 

(Earn about €150/month): From Fiverr , Workana or Freelancer you can offer your services.

Give online classes 

(Earn about €500/month): Using Skype or Zoom you can offer some type of online class and make it known through social networks. You can even create a quick campaign with Facebook Ads or Google Ads driving traffic to a simple Landing Page .

Change your insurance 

(Earn about €100/month): Every year it’s time to renew your car, motorcycle, life, home, dental insurance… Write down on your mobile phone’s calendar when it’s time to renew them and add an alarm to check other options (go from all risk to third parties for example) or call each one and ask for a discount or gas discount vouchers. Check insurance comparators like Rastreator.com or similar. Remember that if you have any home or life insurance associated with your mortgage , they can raise the differential and you would end up paying much more if you cancel this insurance.

Save when collecting 

(Earn about €100/month): Save 10% of your income by collecting them each month in a savings account. If you do not have that money from the beginning you will not spend it and you will adapt to the money you have. It’s a psychological thing and it works even if you have little income.

Do not use a credit card 

(Earn about €50/month): Using a credit card makes us lose sight of the money we have and therefore we will spend more than we should. In addition, banks can charge you abusive commissions if you exceed the limit or run out of credit. Use the debit card whenever you can or pay in cash.

Stop eating and dining out 

(Earn about €500/year): If you are one of those who go out for lunch and dinner, consider the option of doing it at a friend’s house. It will be cheaper and more fun.

use the car less 

(Earn about €50/month): Many times we use the car for everything. Walking, running, biking, or taking public transportation to work or other activities can be a good option for many.

Quit smoking 

(Earn about €1000/year): Many smokers spend huge amounts of money buying tobacco. Leave it right now and in addition to earning a lot of money immediately you will be able to live longer and better.

Stop drinking alcohol

 (Earn about €500/year): If you are one of those who go out for drinks (when you can) you already know the prices. A bottle in a nightclub costs around €100 when in the supermarket it is €15. Think and try other healthier and more fun forms of entertainment such as dancing salsa and bachata .

Stop buying candy, soft drinks and food you don’t need

(Earn about €250/month): Check the purchase receipts. If you notice, you buy many products just because you think you need them. However, you buy them because companies use marketing techniques to sell you things you don’t need and that negatively affect your health.

URL shorteners 

(Earn about €10/month): It is undoubtedly one of the worst options to earn money, but sometimes you can use them if you have a lot of traffic in some sectors such as Internet downloads. One of the best known is Adf.ly.

Play games 

(Earn up to €2,500/month): If you are a video game geek like Fornite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike or FIFA, there are e-Sports competitions all over the planet such as Eslgaming . You can also broadcast your games on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube Gaming and generate income with the options that these tools provide. You can play on your PlayStation, Xbox or on PC or mobile and find out how to get started here . To record the mobile screen or broadcast live you can use the DU Recorder app . There are also websites like Gamee , Bnanatic or Secondlifewith which you win money and prizes playing.

Play Poker

 (Earn up to €2500/month): You can also go a step further and win money playing poker or Blackjack if you have the knowledge. Even games of chance such as casinos or roulettes, but on this occasion it is normal to lose money. I recommend you watch the movie The Gambler or The Player and Movies for Entrepreneurs .

Try Apps

 (Earn up to €50/month): Yet another option. If you search Google Play you will see dozens of apps that claim to pay to try and download applications from but again it is one of the worst options as they say in this post .

Read emails 

(Earn up to €10/month): Another bad option but there it is. Websites like Consupermiso pay up to €0.06 per email read with advertising.

Buy online

 (Earn about €20/month): Earn money buying online with discounts on platforms like Beruby . You also earn €1 per invited user and €2 for their first purchase.

Organize lunches and dinners

 (Earn up to €150/month): On websites like Bonappetour.com or Eatwith.com . Even giving cooking classes.

Buy and sell to collectors

 (Earn up to €2,000/month): Coins, paintings, stamps, antiques, comics… on eBay or auction websites for collectors such as Todocoleccion , Delcampe , Hispacoleccion .

Become a translator

 (Earn up to €2,000/month): If you know languages ​​or are bilingual, there are websites like Onehourtranslation.com , Gengo.com that pay you to do translations.

Record audios with your voice

 (Earn up to €2,000/month): If you have a good voice and are good at reading, you can become an announcer. Check out Bunnystudio (you can also earn money by transcribing audio to text) or Voice123 .

Change your house 

(Earn about €3,000/month): Sometimes we can spend long periods in a rental house and not realize that there are other much cheaper options both in the same city and in another. It may even be interesting to rent the house you are in and go to another. Even renting a house with more rooms to rent

 if you are in an area with demand such as near a university or airport. Periodically review new housing opportunities. You can add alerts to receive notices of homes that meet your new criteria. In the case of Spain on the coast or in towns, both the sale and the rent are cheaper. Extremadura, Murcia, Castilla la Mancha and Castilla y León are the cheapest places to live.

Change your telephone and Internet company 

(Earn around €40/month): To a cheaper one like Digimobil , Jazztel, Virgin, Simyo, O2 or Pepephone. There are always promotions for new customers but never for existing customers.

Share your Premium account subscriptions

 (Earn about €30/month): If you use Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Apple Music, LastPass, VPNs… you can share your subscriptions to earn money thanks to platforms like Spliiit or Pulpo . You can also contract these subscriptions and share expenses.

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Cancel Premium accounts

 (Earn about €30/month): Cancel your Netflix account and use Amazon Prime Video , cancel Spotify Premium or switch to a family plan sharing expenses. As these there are many tools that you can be paying monthly or annually that you do not use.

Change your electricity company or change the type of contract

 (Earn around €40/month): the Small Consumer Voluntary Price rate with hourly discrimination in three periods is one of the cheapest. You pay much less for the same service. It is the one I have and it is much cheaper but the electric ones do not make it known. There are also new electricity companies such as Halaluz , Lucera or Bulb that offer great discounts and clean energy. Use price buyers like Tracker.

Rent technology instead of buying

 (Save about €200/month): Thanks to Grover.com we can rent cell phones, laptops, consoles, cameras or almost any type of technology instead of buying. Especially if you are going to use it for specific moments.

Buy cheaper on Amazon

 (Save about €250/month): Thanks to Keepa.com you can see a graph of the rise and fall of the prices of all Amazon products so you can wait for the moment when the price is lowest . You can activate alerts for when a product drops to the desired price. The best thing is that the tool is free and has an app. Before buying something on Amazon check that it has the best price or you must wait. I have seen the same product that was sold for €99 and then went to €359. Therefore, planning your purchases in advance will allow you to save hundreds of euros by buying the same thing.

Review and control your expenses

 (Earn about €200/month): Doing a review of the expenses of each month and year will allow you to have a perspective of what you spend the money on. This way you will be able to value what is really necessary and what gives you value or not, eliminating unnecessary luxuries. And it is that spending less looking for other options and alternatives is one of the best ways to earn quick and easy money .

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