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7 women who changed the world of fashion

Over the centuries, the role of women in society has undergone changes. But it was only in 1975 that the UN made the International Women’s Dayin a clear tribute and recognition of their rights.

And if it is true that there are brilliant women in all areas, from mechanics to science, not forgetting the arts, today we tell you a little about some of women who changed the world of fashion.

Yes, the truth is that the clothes we wear today, in a banal way, have a lot of influence from all these women who were absolutely innovative in their time.

Women who dared to change the world, with their unique vision, breaking barriers and commonplaces. And which, for that very reason, went down in history.

6 women who changed the world of fashion


Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel

From those passionate about fashion, to women who don’t care so much about what they wear, we’ve all heard about the Chanel brand. And we all associate it with elegance and sophistication.

Founded by Gabrielle Chanel in 1910, the French brand was a pioneer in changing the paradigm of the time, with regard to women’s clothing.

Indeed, Coco (who earned this nickname during her singing days) presented unique proposals for her time, where women’s clothing gained a masculine imprint, making it more comfortable.

Thus, armed dresses gained, with Gabrielle Chanel, straighter features, making them much easier to wear. And more comfortable too.

Elegance, combined with comfort and the simplest lines, became Chanel’s trademark image, winning over women everywhere. It was the end of an era of flowy dresses, frills and clearly uncomfortable clothing.

In addition to fashion itself, Gabrielle Chanel was also the first designer to launch a perfume (something recurrent these days). Thus, Chanel nº5 was the first perfume to be born from the hands of a stylist.

Interesting, right?

Do you like to wear a miniskirt? So, know that you owe it to Mary Quantity. The UK-born designer has made the miniskirt her signature look, wearing them with fitted sweaters and tall boots.

Although the creation was absolutely disruptive, as it was introduced by Quant into the fashion scene in the 60s, the truth is that the designer ended up being decorated as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II (in 1966).

Years later, Mary Quant also created hot pants, often used under more transparent skirts.

And the truth is that although nowadays both miniskirts and hot pants are part of Western reality, in the 60s they represented a novelty that empowered women. As if saying, without words, that a woman can wear whatever she wants.

You’ve probably heard of Diane Von Furstenberg. The Belgian designer who made her career in the United States of America, and conquered a prominent place in the fashion scene, is responsible for creating a piece of clothing that she probably wears a lot.

We are talking, of course, about the wrap dress, envelope style. In 1976, it is estimated that around 25,000 dresses of this brand were sold per week.

Known for being extremely comfortable and feminine, it’s a piece that really changed the world of fashion, and the way women dress.

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that the neon tones are in fashion we all know. But I knew it was the stylist Elsa Schiaparelli Who Invented Hot Pink? Yes, the feminine color that so many adore was the brainchild of the Italian designer.

Known for hiring plastic artists to help her create accessories and fabrics, namely Salvador Dali, Elsa was the owner of an eccentric creativity.

Thus, his pieces became famous for being a mixture of art and fashion, where the dyeing of fur, embroidery and newspaper prints were protagonists.

With an irreverent and eccentric vision, Vivienne Westwood (which appears on the cover of this article) became famous for introducing punk traits to the clothes she created. Consequently, in the 70s, the English fashion designer was already a big name, namely for making clothes inspired by marginalized social classes.

In that sense, if you like the punk references in clothes, now also used by many other designers, know that their materialization and popularity are due to Vivienne Westwood.

miuccia prada is the woman at the head of the well-known Italian brand Prada (whose creative direction she now shares with Raf Simons).

Youngest granddaughter of the founder of the brand, created in 1913, the Italian designer is responsible for transforming a brand of just leather goods into a world-renowned brand and the object of desire for many women.

With collections that are based on a sophisticated, independent, daring and intelligent woman, Miuccia has managed to bring feminism to the forefront of the fashion world.

And it proved that a woman can truly transform a brand. In addition to Prada, Miuccia also created Miu Miu, a brand with a younger and more fun essence.

After these inspiring examples of unique women, it’s impossible not to feel proud to be a woman.

They were also the ones to dictate paths in the world of fashion, an area that although much more aimed at a female audience, has always been characterized by a certain misogyny, not to mention machismo.

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