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7 tricks to make clothes look more expensive

Often, a cheap outfit can make a “bigshot”. Learn how to make clothes look more expensive.

To do make clothes look more expensive it can be a big challenge. We often think that only a modern and expensive look has value. Nothing else wrong. Making clothes look more expensive these days can be fun. In addition to being difficult to distinguish between the shimmers and trendy textures which outfits real or imitation, there is a lot of cheap clothes that should be taken into account. As?

One answer is obvious: the person’s posture, or rather, the attitude is half the battle to leave no doubt about their provenance. The opposite can also be true. How many times very expensive clothes do not cause any significant visual impact, even demonstrating an immense bad taste on the part of those who wear them?

Can less expensive rags look too in and surprise us? Yes you can, let’s see how. Creativity pays off a lot in the wallet and can be a real challenge to imagination and our ability to bring to life the designer we all have inside us. Basically, it is a transformation project if you will.

Let’s start with a little matching trick. Combining cheap pieces with more expensive ones creates the illusion that everything is expensive. It’s the call hi it. Now see:

Another way is to bring a third piece to the set and make overlaps. We love this set, it makes us feel a little rebellious!

Applications are still on the rise. You can add applications to the piece according to your personal taste. When you’re tired, you can easily take them off or replace them with new ones.


Embroider the piece or apply purchased embroidery

The idea is to personalize and enrich the piece and, if you are patient, you can even venture to embroider.


Use accessories that enhance the set

A basic piece is always enhanced with a necklace, earrings, a scarf, scarf, etc. The accessories create a “wow” effect and set the tone of style to the basic pieces.


Going to the seamstress or at home to modify the piece a little

Shortening or tightening the garment, removing the sleeves, for example, and reinforcing the seams are ways to customize the garments and make them last longer, giving them a more expensive look.


Changing buttons can make all the difference

If the garment has buttons that, as a rule, are cheap in this type of clothing, there is always the possibility of exchanging them for more expensive ones and according to the trend of the moment.

Who said we have to buy expensive clothes to be fashionable and stylish? We can save money by revamping pieces we already have in our wardrobe to create something beautiful and, above all, unique, that no one else will have. And don’t forget: almost always less is more!

Article originally published January 2019. Updated September 2022.

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