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7 tips to strengthen your nails after removing the gel

Have you just removed the gel and your nails feel weak and brittle? Don’t worry, we’ve put together the best tips to strengthen your nails after removing the gel.

Although some women do not feel a difference in their nails after removing the gel (a technique used to lengthen nails and keep them beautiful for weeks), the truth is that the vast majority end up feeling them more weak, brittle and lifeless. If that’s your case and you don’t know what to do, calm down. We’ve collected the best tips for strengthen nails after taking off the gel.

Yes, there are some easy tips that you can start applying now to get your nails back to being strong and healthy again. Discover them.

After the gel: 7 good tips to strengthen your nails

Did you know that it is essential to use moisturizer on your nails, in order to help them recover from the aggressions of the gel and the constant filing?

So, use a nail moisturizer daily, as well as a hand cream and cuticle oil. Don’t forget to put the cream on at night when you go to sleep, and also after washing your hands during the day.

It’s just that constant hand washing dries out the nails and also the skin, making them weaker. Everything we don’t want, right?


Whiten nails with milk

To make your nails lose the yellow color they get after removing the gel, try soaking them in a bowl of hot milk once a week for 5 minutes.

In addition to helping to end the yellowish tone, milk has properties that help strengthen nails.

As you can see, this is a simple technique that can be used on everyone who has weak and brittle nails.


File the nail surface

After removing the gel, it is normal for nails to show imperfections for some time. To give them a more uniform appearance, it is important to polish them with a suitable file, until the surface does not show the marks or grooves left by the gel.

The idea is to make your nails healthier, so choose to polish them with a smooth file once or twice a week.

Treat gel nails at home

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Did you know that the keratin gloves are great allies to strengthen nails? Indeed, keratin has unique properties that help to deeply moisturize and strengthen both nails and hands.

You can use them while watching TV on the sofa or while reading a book, always according to the time stipulated on the packaging. Believe me, you will see many differences once you start using them.


keep nails short

It is normal that after removing the gel, the nails become brittle and brittle, at least in the beginning. Therefore, keeping them short is essential for your recovery to be faster and more effective.

Prefer a rounded cut, as this is the best shape so they don’t accidentally chip or break. And of course, don’t forget that after removing the gel it is beneficial for your nails to keep them without nail polish for some time.


Do not remove cuticles

As you probably know, the cuticles serve to protect the nails, keeping them strong and healthy. Therefore, it is very important that you do not remove them, especially after the gel.

So, once a week push them only towards the finger, with a nail-specific spatula. This will help keep your nails strong and healthy without damaging them.

Then apply a nail strengthener, and you’ll see how little by little you’ll have beautiful nails full of life.

The health of our nails, just like our hair, is strongly linked to what we eat, you know?

Therefore, if you want strong, beautiful and healthy nails, it is crucial that you maintain a balanced and varied diet, rich in vegetables and legumes.

Trust me, eating better will translate into much stronger nails that don’t break or chip easily.

Now that you know the tips for strengthening nails after gel, what are you waiting for to put them into practice?

If you see that even using these tips, and a few months after removing the gel, the nails remain weak and brittle, consult a dermatologist.

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