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7 tips to reduce or eliminate double chin

O double chinor “chat”, is one of the consequences of aging and occurs due to an accumulation of fatty tissue located in the neck.

This fabric becomes droopy, as it loses firmness over the years, and ends up forming what appears to be a second chin, as the contour of the jaw line becomes less defined.

The problem usually appears from the age of 45 and affects both males and females.

Double chin: causes and treatments

double chin


This aesthetic change is usually caused by skin aging, but it can also be caused by heredity, water retention and obesity, or occur in people who have lost a lot of weight. Pay special attention and beware of posture errors, as they can exacerbate the problem.

Treatments to eliminate double chin

There are treatments recommended by dermatologists that can help improve the appearance of the fatty tissue formed around the neck, or even remove it in just a few minutes, as is the case with plastic surgery.

Some of these more advanced treatments can be done in aesthetic clinics, which promise to give the client a more rejuvenated appearance and firmer skin, through the use of technologies suitable for this purpose, such as liposuction.

THE chin liposuction It is a cosmetic surgery in which the fat accumulated in the chin area is aspirated, and is usually performed in overweight individuals. However, there are cases in which the most appropriate is the lifting face, which removes excess skin from the affected region.

There is also the possibility of using only deoxycholic acid, advised by professionals in the field, who inject it into the fat under the chin that you want to eliminate. This will destroy the cell membrane, which doctors call submental fat, which thins the double chin. The treatment must be done in several sessions and recovery takes a few days.

How to reduce or eliminate double chin

There are even some simple tips, given by experts, that can help to reduce the accumulated fat in the neck. Take note.

One of the best ways to lose double chin is to reduce your weight as obesity is one of the factors that causes this fat to accumulate in the neck. For this, you should exercise regularly and change your eating habits.

Having a healthy diet, rich in fiber and where there is a significant reduction in salt and sugar, as well as fat and calories, will help with weight loss.

Choose to eat fish at least three times a week, as Omega 3 and Omega 6 will soften the skin from the inside, in addition to improving its elasticity, which will cause that skin to decrease naturally.

Don’t forget about vitamin E, an essential substance for improving skin firmness and elasticity. Eat lots of salads, vegetables, rye, brown rice, apples and nuts.


Drink water and avoid alcohol

You should also drink plenty of water to cleanse your system and help prevent fluid retention. Eight glasses of water a day is recommended. Avoid excess alcohol as this drink is responsible for swelling of the face.


Treat food intolerances

People who suffer from food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome or an intolerance to certain foods, such as those containing gluten or lactose, often have fuller faces.

If your face tends to swell during your period, you should talk to your gynecologist so that he can assess the amount of hormones you have. Before ovulation happens, the hormone progesterone increases, which is responsible for most symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), including facial swelling.

cellulite in women

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Disguise with make-up

One way to take the attention away from your chin is to make up your eyes, so that the beauty is highlighted in that facial area. If you have shoulder-length hair, you’ll draw attention to your neck area. It is best to have your hair below your shoulders, because if it is long it will look like your face is more elongated.

In the case of men, having a beard and cutting it carefully will help to disguise the “chat”.

Avoid wearing necklaces or clothing that could make others look at your neck area. Opt for clothing that covers the double chin, such as a blouse with a collar, a scarf or a scarf.

You should also have a straight posture, as a stretched back means that the shoulders are placed back and this helps to prevent fat from accumulating in the neck.

Massaging the double chin area is very beneficial, especially if wheat oil is used, as it contains a high amount of vitamin E, which moisturizes, tones and stretches the skin. Massage every day around the chin area and you will see results little by little.

Before going to bed, you can also put some wheat oil on the double chin. The oil should remain in this zone for 10 to 15 minutes. There are also creams that can be applied to make the skin less saggy.

Doing exercises that involve the muscles located in the neck is important to make them firmer and, thus, reduce the “chat”.

Try sitting with your back straight, leaning your head back and looking at the ceiling. Then try to push your chin forward, or point your lips toward the ceiling and pout ten times. You can also open and close your mouth, in order to feel that the muscles in that area are working.

Another possible exercise is to open your mouth and lift your tongue as far as you can for forty seconds. After that you will feel those muscles contract.

These recommended exercises should be repeated three times a day, every day, and in a slow, controlled manner. This will help tone the muscles under your chin.

man with double chin

Natural juices that help with double chin problem

Having a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, which helps to eliminate toxins and hydrate, brings firmness to the skin. Natural juices and smoothies can be strong allies to achieve this goal. We let you know the benefits of some of these drinks.

Apple and Beetroot Juice

This drink, very nutritious and refreshing, eliminates toxins and prevents fluid retention. You should drink it before meals, as it will help you digest food better and get a feeling of satiety, in addition to being beneficial for the skin.

melon juice

Melon is a good option to tone the skin and thus prevent the accumulation of fat. It is best to drink this drink every morning.

Lemon and mint juice

This juice is also an excellent antioxidant, and helps to prevent the accumulation of fluids and eliminate toxins, in addition to invigorating the skin.

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