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7 tips for decorating small rooms for 2015

At 7 tips for decorating small rooms for 2015 they promise to be of great help to decorate the most important reception room in the house. The purpose is to offer suggestions for making the most of the space, without abandoning the main decoration trends.

7 tips for decorating small rooms for 2015. (Photo: Disclosure)

When the room is large, the decoration work is usually simpler. The resident is free to choose the furniture, ornaments and colors of the room. On the other hand, if the environment has limited space, it calls for careful planning, which relies on tricks to make the area appear larger.

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7 tips for decorating small rooms for 2015

Check it out below 7 tips for decorating small rooms for 2015🇧🇷

1. Decorate with light colors

Light colors, especially white, are great allies to enlarge the living or dining room. They increase visibility, optimize lighting and also contribute to the feeling of cleanliness. Light and neutral colors should be used mainly on walls and furniture. If you want to include colorful elements in the environment, do so through accessories such as flower arrangements, pillows and carpet.

When decorating, give preference to light colors. (Photo: Disclosure)

2. Avoid excess

A strategy that works small room decor is to avoid excess furniture and decorative objects. Instead of filling the room with unnecessary pieces, try to decorate with just the basics, always thinking of a minimalist proposal (less is more). Remember: too much furniture and ornaments impair circulation and leave polluted aesthetics.

3. Take advantage of walls

If the horizontal area is limited, then the best solution to save space in the small room is to hang things on the wall. Shelves are great for organizing books, DVDs, and ornaments. It is also worth using the wall to place the TV and pictures.

Install shelves on the wall. (Photo: Disclosure)

4. Use mirrors in decoration

Hang one or two mirrors on the wall in the living room, so the environment will benefit from the feeling of spaciousness. In addition to giving the impression that the room is bigger, mirrors also make the environment more sophisticated.

5. Choose proportional furniture

If you do not know how to decorate a small room, then start with the choice of furniture. Try to avoid furniture that is deep, wide or has large armrests. If your budget allows, choose custom designed pieces to decorate the room.

6. Keep everything organized

Organization is the keyword to plan the decoration of the small room for 2015. The mess makes the environment seem even smaller, so everything must be in order.

Try to leave the environment organized and well lit. (Photo: Disclosure)

7. Choose the right curtains

Curtains are essential for the room, as they ensure control of natural light and ventilation. To stimulate the feeling of spaciousness, the curtains must be light, as well as the walls.

Now that you know the 7 tips for decorating small rooms for 2015innovate the decor with good taste and creativity.

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