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7 Things you should not do on the beach to avoid a scare

Those who study Law know very well that in legislation there are more things that are prohibited than allowed. These prohibitions that supposedly facilitate our coexistence have a collection purpose with the most feared word Penalty fee!

There is nothing more enriching than going to the beach to cool off during the summer. Of course, you will not pretend to do what you want in the arena. There are numerous behaviors on the beach for which you could be penalized.

Things that are forbidden to do on the beach

1- Take a shower at home!


In the beach showers it is forbidden to use gel, shampoo, soap or any other product. you can’t even rinse the tupperware with potato omelette that your mother gave you.

2- The street sale of food is not allowed

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Street food has become a classic on summer days, but even if it seems to you that the mojito that you bought for €4 was a great dealwe warn you that the sale of street food and drinks is severely penalized and it is most likely that you will have to eat a fight from a police officer for buying it.

3- Physiological needs on the beach NO!

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Although it may be difficult to prove, do your physiological needs on the beach, either on the sand or in the sea are penalized with €750. That’s what portable toilets are for.

4- We need more dog beaches

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This issue has been a source of controversy, but the truth is that the regulations do not endorse the passage of any type of animal on the beaches, no matter the time of year. If you see dogs on the beaches it is because you are on one of the few dog-friendly beaches there are.

5- The beach bars are more papist than the Pope

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You cannot take glass containers to the beach, unless you have bought a beer at the beach bar. Yes, Maybe it sounds like the beach bars are benefitingBut that’s what the law says.

6- There is a protocol for throwing away the garbage

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When leaving the beach you must leave everything clean, as you found it. to throw away the trash, all waste must be in a bag, perfectly closed and deposit it in a container. It is forbidden to throw garbage bags in the garbage cans that are around the beach.

7- Zero drunkenness

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If you drink a few drinks too many and you’re knockout, the best thing is to call a taxi and spend the drunkenness in your house. Getting drunk on the beach and doing a number can cost you between €750 and €1,500. So if you drink be responsible. Remember that you are in a public and familiar place.

Did you know all these prohibitions? It is better that you comply with all these rules so that trip to the beach does not turn out so expensive.

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