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7 things every woman over 50 should have in her makeup bag

Are you ready to be your best and prettiest self? Then check out our tips on seven things that every mature woman should have in her make-up bag.

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Beautiful shine, flattering shades and a more energetic impression – when makeup is at its best, it can really bring out our best selves. Here you will find seven indispensable makeup tips for mature women.

1. Hyaluronic acid

Hyalonic acid is actually not an acid but a type of sugar. This ingredient is especially useful for mature skin as it hydrates the skin and helps it maintain its elasticity, texture and firmness.

Apply hyaluronic acid before the base (primer, foundation and so on), as well as a little around the eyes after makeup to refresh the appearance of the skin.

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2. Cream blush

Cream blush is one of the products that suits mature skin better than products in powder form. A cream blush both refreshes and hydrates the skin, and if you invest in a multi-use product, you can apply it to both eyes, cheeks and lips. However, avoid products with shimmer in them, they are not as flattering for mature skin.

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3. Basic products that give shine

Instead of creating a base that covers your skin completely, invest in products that highlight and flatter it. A primer that gives a glow is perfect for giving the skin a smoother expression and reduces the need to use large amounts of foundation.

Speaking of foundation, go for lightweight, moisturizing products that don’t make the skin too shiny.

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4. Brow fixer

A brow fixer is simply a product that keeps the eyebrows in place. As we age, anything that “lifts” the face is flattering, and this also applies to our eyebrows. Feel free to invest in a product that adds volume and contains a little pigment.

5. The right eyeliner

Eyeliner is a good way to emphasize the eyes. Skip the black, hard eyeliner and instead try one in nude, brown, dark purple or dark blue. Apply the eyeliner along the lower and upper lashes and blend gently. Clear!

6. Eyelash curler

Another product that gives the face a subtle lift. An eyelash curler is a real favorite in the make-up bag and really makes a difference to the end result.

7. Nude lipstick

Lipstick in a nude shade is a stylish way to give the lips volume and definition without creating too sharp a contrast. Choose a color up to two shades darker than your own lips to highlight them nicely. Smudge the product using the ring finger to give a softer impression and finish with a little lip balm or lip oil.

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