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7 things # 30 – getting closer to nature

I don’t know if you feel like this too, but I have the impression that a lot has been going on lately. On the one hand, I have a lot to discover globally, but also in my personal sphere. I am drawn to clearing the space, introducing interior changes, as if I feel with all of myself that these changes are coming and I need to make room for them. I also find peace in such simple activities as baking bread or “digging in the ground”. I find it a bit strange, but at the same time it places me firmly in the present.

I invite you to 7 things, which I have recently loved and which I want to tell you very much. I think this is a mishmash of what is playing in my soul lately.

1. Talisman Harry Potter

You may or may not know, but my husband is a fan of games and I am a fan of Harry Potter. Therefore, as soon as we heard that the Polish edition of this game was to be released, we knew that it had to appear on our table. I used to think Talisman was boring – too simple, too banal. Meanwhile, with the current level of sleeplessness and time at my disposal, I think it is a fantastic game – pure entertainment with no frills. These are my favorite games where you don’t have to think about every move. In addition, the atmosphere of Harry Potter does its job. Favorite characters, places, beautiful illustrations. If you like Talisman and / or Harry Potter, you will surely like this box.

2. Home garden

This year I was thinking about a small home vegetable garden. However, something kept telling me: You don’t have time, the snails will come and eat everything. In the end, however, I felt this impulse, I bought seeds and in mid-March I started sowing with the kids. During the picnic, we made the first quilting, and we are planning to build a vegetable garden on the slope. Keep your fingers crossed for me, because from the excitement phase I go to the phase – “I’m not fit for this” 😉

You can also create such a garden on the balcony. It’s a fun adventure, especially when you have kids. Now you can buy ready-made seedlings and plant tomatoes, wild strawberries or strawberries.

3. Bonsai growing kit

And when we’re at the plants, I’ll show you my husband’s plants. In fact, we are waiting for the plants to appear. Such a set caught our eye while shopping at Lidl. And we hope that at least one tree will grow. In addition to pots, soil and seeds, scissors for pruning bonsai are also included.

4. Baking bread

I have been baking homemade bread since January. Then I bought one of Paulina’s menus, I made a simple mixed bread with a spoon and … I was lost. I mix with a variety of flours and toppings, but the dough itself only takes a minute, so no excuses are allowed. I leave you a recipe for one of my favorite versions.


  • 350 ml of water
  • 200 g of wheat flour
  • 100 g of buckwheat flour
  • 6g yeast powder pack
  • pinch of salt
  • tablespoon of linseed, pumpkin, cranberry, etc. – additives at the discretion and whatever we want.


  1. Add the remaining ingredients to the water. We mix everything with a spoon – this is the most convenient way, no robot is needed. Leave to rise in a warm place, covered with a cloth.
  2. Put it into a baking tin lined with baking paper and leave it to rise for about 30 minutes.
  3. Set the oven to 180 degrees, up and down.
  4. Bake the bread for an hour.

5. Affirmation cards “Words of Power” by Agnieszka Maciąg

These are the cards I’ve had for 2-3 years. Recently, I have returned to using them with more regularity. There are various supporting sentences written on the cards. Somehow recently it happens that I either draw or shuffle a card that fits perfectly to the situation in which I am, or to what I feel or would like to hear.

Using these cards is one of my little daily rituals that really makes me vibrate and feel positive energy around me.

6. Moonholi Yoga Mat

I am not a mat, yoga and exercise specialist, but when I felt that I wanted to vogue myself regularly, because then my spine is grateful to me, I wanted a nice mat. And honestly – it was one of the most difficult personal purchases.

The mat is beautiful, and the comfort of exercising on this mat, compared to a regular one, is huge. And although I had a lot of doubts whether it would work for me or whether I would use it, today I can say that it was worth it.

7. Radio with Manta wireless charging

When we bought a radio for the kitchen, we were mainly guided by the visual criterion. But over time, I have to say that it was a great buy and the look really matters little here. It is small, but in addition to the typical functions of the radio, you can also connect to it via Bluetooth and listen to music, e.g. from a phone. Thus, it acts as a loudspeaker. It can be connected to the electricity and then has the function of wireless charging the phone. It was an additional plus, and we use this feature very often, and additional chargers do not get tangled on the kitchen worktops. When it is not connected to the electricity, it works on batteries, so you can take them with you, for example on a picnic.

If you are looking for a smart radio, I recommend it. The biggest downside for me is that it always starts up at the same volume level. For me – too loud;).

I am curious if you have caught your eye. And be sure to write what delighted you recently 🙂

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