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7 things # 29 – favorite from under a blanket and quilt

7 things I love and which I want to tell you very much. Straight from under the blanket and quilt, because almost from the beginning of January my throat is sick. But despite this ailment, I consider January a good month. I feel that I have closed a certain stage of the changes that have taken place in me recently. I don’t know if this would have happened without the compulsion to lie down and let go of all the things I wanted to do. I’ll tell you about it another time. Now I want to be alone with these emotions and discoveries. Meanwhile, I invite you to my January delight 🙂

1. Fiat 500 Lego Creator

A gift from Santa and at the same time my first Lego bricks. I do not know if you know it, but I am a fan of “little ones”, and this car brought a lot of emotions into my life. On the one hand, it reminds me: “finally take the practical exam for the law”, on the other hand, that it is important for me to sit comfortably in the passenger seat in my life, because I do not have to have control over everything. The color of the model reminded me of how much I used to like to surround myself with yellow. Thanks to this, there is more and more of this color in my life. Probably MikoĹ‚aj himself did not expect how much he hit with this gift.

And most of all – folding the model is a lot of fun!

2. Map of dreams

Creating a dream map at the beginning of the year is my little ritual. Anyway, I think that every time is a good time to do it, especially when we feel that we need it. I don’t make a list of goals or plans for a given year anymore. I changed it all for one A4 sheet, which above all reminds me how I want to feel in a given year, what I believe in and with what thoughts I start it with. And I like this year’s version very much.

3. The book “Running with the Wolves”

This is a book that I have had for several years. I read it in fragments, but never cover to cover. Until one January day, walking past a bookcase, I thought I had to read it. And I believe it was the best decision I could have made for myself. Thanks to this book, I looked at myself, my mistakes and the last two years with much more sensitivity. I understood the process I went through and I will probably go through it more than once. I absolutely recommend it to every woman. And no, it’s not a light and enjoyable read, but it’s definitely worth it.

4. The film “Dune”

In January we also watched “Dune” (you can rent it on Apple TV) and I highly recommend it. A beautiful realization, wonderfully encouraging to reach for the book (especially the impatient who want to know what will happen in the next part). According to Sebastian, it captures the spirit and atmosphere of the book very well. Photos and music will charm you from the very first minutes. Highly recommended, even if you are not a science fiction fan.

And this is one of the favorite quotes from the movie: Man needs new experiences. They change its interior; allow it to grow. If there is no change, something puts us to sleep… and it is difficult to wake it up later. The sleeper must wake up. He must begin to see, not just look, he must learn to see paths invisible to others. The sleeper must wake up.

5. DIY roller blind

At the beginning of January, I also managed to mobilize to sew roller blinds for the kitchen window. The ready-made blinds for this window were out of my budget, so combining my reluctance to shaded windows with the need to shield myself from the street, I was looking for a way that would be something in between. And Iza Colores de mi alma and her DIY blinds tutorial came to my aid. I did not expect this roller blind to be so comfortable! The manual winding mechanism is not bothersome, which was what I was afraid of the most. This version was only a trial if this curl would work. I plan to sew a roller blind from a better material.

And although it does not exactly match what our kitchen looks like today, it is the first element of changes that I want to introduce in the kitchen. AND! And the price: the cost of making a blind is less than PLN 20. I used the material I had and the price was made of slats.

6. Henna for hair

In January, I also did hair henning (actually cassiating). Cassia the hair had been following me for a while. I wanted to introduce it as part of natural hair care. I was not able to mobilize myself when I was pregnant, and later with a toddler by my side. However, I already know that it will stay in my life permanently. I counted on strengthening my hair and making it thicker, and with time it may also reduce greasy hair. And after the first use, I have a wow effect, especially when it comes to giving volume to my hair. If you are not scared by the vision of putting “mud” on your hair and spending such a few hours, I really recommend it.

You can find more Orientana products here.

7. Nintendo Switch

This is my husband’s gadget. Sebastian has been convincing us for a long time that he is buying a switch for the whole family, not for himself. I thought it was a bit dark here, but the Nintendo console has definitely stolen our hearts, because you can play solo, family, on the couch and in front of the TV. One of those purchases postponed for several years and it turned out to be a lot of fun for us. And not only for adults, because we also have a great time with children. I am delighted with how clever this device is. I like the mobility, the ability to play two people against each other, but also in pairs. And the fact that there are tons of games in which, instead of sitting comfortably on the couch, you have to move around physically (Mario Party <3).

I am curious if you have caught your eye. And be sure to write what delighted you recently 🙂

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