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7 strong signs that you are a successful and successful person

If you thought that 10-hour days, fancy titles or managerial positions automatically define you as a successful and successful person, think again! Here we list seven strong (and healthy) signs that you are successful – for real!

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1. You go your own way in life

Are you living a life that you think others expect of you, or a life you chose for yourself? Think about it… One of the most common things people (according to Bronnie Ware’s book “The top five regrets of the dying”) regret on their deathbed is precisely that. Don’t be one of them! Go your own way, resign, start your own business, follow your heart and listen to your gut – and you’ll find the right one!

2. You work with your passion

A strong sign that you are successful is if you have made sure that you can work and spend your “working hours” on your passion. Make your job what you think is fun, and you’re guaranteed to have fun along the way.

3. You set goals and make your dreams come true

Life is too short to just talk about your dreams – they are made to come true! Nothing is impossible but often requires hard work and clear goals along the way. If you belong to the group that actually doesn’t just talk – but also use your time here on earth to check off life goals – then you are successful if you try.

4. You help others

Did you know that happiness and well-being go hand in hand with helping others? The feeling when you lift/pepper and actively help someone else is hard to beat and definitely something to strive for in your career. What you give you often get back (thousandfold) then you have nothing else to give – start with something as simple as a smile.

5. You strive to feel good (if not, you do something about it)

A strong sign that you are successful is that you know that you deserve to feel good at work. Simple as that. To be surrounded by a group of lovely and good colleagues (…who make up for the less good ones) and to burst out laughing – at least a couple of times a week (preferably during the day) is a sign that you have ended up in the right place. If you don’t have that, you know when it’s time to move on and look elsewhere. You care about yourself and want your best!

6. You’ve learned to say no (and not take shit)

It sounds so simple but is so difficult… Have you learned to speak up and do it when things get too much, or feel wrong, then we can only congratulate you! Accepting everything and then sitting there with a mountain of overtime hours – is like screaming to go into the wall.

7. You understand the importance of unwinding – and taking time off

Coming in half an hour early every morning and leaving an hour late, sitting with the computer on your lap in the evenings and weekends is not a sign of success. On the contrary, it is just stupid and extremely unhealthy! Successful people know the importance of recovery, rest, privacy and time off(!) Not until you realize it will you become the best version of yourself – at work and in private. That, is a sign of success if anything!

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